Red Ferrari driver who allegedly assaults motorist is a “co-investor” of ex-PAP MP


It was reported in ST today (6 Jun) that a woman driving a red Ferrari got into an argument with another motorist and allegedly assaulted him.

The woman named Shi Ka Yee appeared in court yesterday. She is accused of punching Mr Raphael Chong in his face more than three years ago on Feb 25, 2014. As a result, he suffered a cut above his right eyebrow.

The court heard that Chong was waiting in his car for a parking space along Telok Ayer Street that day. Mdm Shi then came in her red Ferrari. Probably afraid of scratching her Ferrari, she started shouting and sounded her horn to get Chong to move his car.

Chong didn’t want to move for fearing of losing a good parking spot. Besides, other cars were passing through easiy as the road was wide enough. Mdm Shi became very upset and launched into “verbal diarrhoea” against him.

She then got out of her Ferrari to snap pictures of him, holding up the traffic behind. Another motorist, Mr Stephen Choy, offered to help her, “There is enough space for your car to go by. If you want, I can guide you through.” However, she declined his offer.

At this point, Chong told her, “Don’t know how to drive, don’t drive a Ferrari.” This made Mdm Shi even more angry. She then walked towards his car and punched him on the right side of his face through an open window.

As Mdm Shi was wearing rings on her fingers, her punch caused a cut on Chong’s forehead. She then went back to her Ferrari and drove away, apparently driving-by Chong’s car without any problems. Chong called the police thereafter.

Red Ferrari driver causes traffic jam in Orchard Rd

This is not the first time Mdm Shi appeared in the news involving her red Ferrari. Last year, she was being investigated by the Traffic Police for stopping her Ferrari in the middle of Orchard Road in front of a tour bus and blocked off three out of five lanes, which caused a traffic jam.

Apparently, she got angry when the tour bus driver allegedly honked at her for being slow in making a turn. She stepped out of her Ferrari to confront the bus driver, leaving her Ferrari in the middle of Orchard Road blocking the traffic behind.

An eye witness at the Orchard Road incident said, “I felt that the Ferrari driver was too much. Just because you drive a sports car, you think you are so big?”

Red Ferrari driver quarrels with her neighbour

She was also in the news over another case involving a feud with her neighbour. The branches of a tree on her Astrid Hills property were encroaching into her neighbour’s front yard, causing problems to her neighbour with falling leaves and branches.

In one incident, she revved her sports car engine and moved towards her neighbour while he was standing in front of the car, endangering his safety. She was also accused of hurling abuse and expletives at her neighbour with the intent to harass him.

Red Ferrari driver Mdm Shi Ka Yee is ex-PAP MP Heng Chiang Meng’s “co-investor”

Mdm Shi Ka Yee appears to be quite “connected” to ex-PAP MP Heng Chiang Meng.

Heng joined Keppel Land as a board director after some time he retired from politics in 2001.

On 26 Dec 2006, Keppel Land announced that Heng and Shi, had been issued options to buy the Marina Bay Residence developed by Keppel. As Heng was a board director and Keppel being a public listed company, the company needs to inform the public of any impending insider purchase by Heng and related family members. The property cost more than $4 million.

At first, Keppel announced that Heng and Shi are “Director and spouse” in the transaction with the company:

Subsequently on 29 Dec 2006, Keppel made another public announcement saying that Heng and Shi are “co-investors” instead:

“Further to the announcement on 26 December 2006, Keppel Land Limited wishes to advise that Ms Shi Ka Yee is Mr Heng Chian Meng’s co-investor, and not spouse as stated therein, in respect of their purchase of 18 Marina Boulevard #36-10, Singapore 018980”

But the heading of the second announcement still says: “Sale Of Properties To Directors And/Or The Family Members”. This means Shi must still be related to Heng somehow, even though she is his “co-investor”.

Heng was the PAP MP for Jalan Kayu (1984-1988) and Cheng San GRC (1988-2001). He also chaired the Government Parliamentary Committees for Communications and the Environment as well as Ang Mo Kio-Cheng San Community Development Council, and the Cheng San Town Council.

He is now a Member of Keppel Land‘s Audit Committee and Board Safety Committee. 


  1. Husband ex-MP stepped down before 2001, leaving only PM and GCT having known him. How much influence would Heng have? The end ant terrible was charged and convicted as well as appeal denied.

    • This one great post. But our law minister could not say the TP were not doing their job. They were not anywhere close during the incident. Or the old lady was wrong for not wanting her ferrari scratched

  2. No one is above the law. Heng should have disciplined his Wife (if she is really the spouse). Though spouse and Husband are separate individuals, their actions do affect the PAP.

  3. Aunties at 72 will go temple pray and chant. They bcum pious and turned vegan to atone for their sins. This 72 yr old aunty go around in Ferrari punching ppl r? Haiz…. rich and cocky. Hell will be waiting for u.

  4. Hahaha…… The now famous 72 yo Ferrari’s woman driver who had assaulted another motorist at Telok Ayer! No wonder MSM151 is so brief on her background. Anyway, she is from a “good” (read rich) family background and hubby was ex MP of AMKCS. So don’t worry about her lah and she would be alright after all.

  5. happened in 2014 and comes to trial now. lawyer playing delay tactics? comes to trial means no settlement. means she is DEFIANT. when she takes the stand, she is going to FOOking say she didnt do it, or she did but it was just a slap so no big deal?

  6. 虎死留皮,人死留名。She is rich but hardly famous. Before this I never heard of her. With these few cases she is very famous. Think this what she wants.

  7. This is the pap that 70% voted for, one day when they get punched by this lady and the lady gets a punishment that is as good as a slap on the wrist, then the 70% will feel it,

    • Ha, you saying this on the same day that our PM said every one plays a part in preventing corruption. This lady could not bribe her way out or pull any string, the pm has implied, if you read ST closely.

  8. Isn’t he the same MP Heng that was one of he 3 directors of the corrupted $2 AIM company that get free $millions TC software management and later use it to fix WP TC ?

  9. Law? Justice? Is there such thing in Singapore. Maybe for common Singaporean but not for the politically link Singporean that 70% of Singaporean put them in power.

    • in sg we cannot drive fast,so got to do all these nonsense to show off their ex. cars by hogging,stopping in the middle of the road to let passer-bys to admire their cars.too bad,got into trouble.the guy should have called for the King of the road mah…TP!!

  10. sentence? 360 hours of community service and anger management course. fine $2k. just to reflect the seriousness of her offence. no jail time, cos old and from familee.

    recall woffles wu and that grandson of metro.

    my suggestion – 360 hours of community service at geylang. all the horny men will run road! 7th month came early this year. PTUI to the old hag, a disgrace to old folks.

    maybe send her for exercise collect cardboards for dignity and environment.

  11. Singapore government is encouraging our senior citizens to age well and healthy but stay ACTIVE. Look like our Ferrari Aunt may have carried this advice a bit Too Far, showing off her Vitality of running around Orchard Road and displaying Boxing skills! Wah, Singapore Got Talent leh! hehehehe

  12. Once U are a rich Singaporean ..u probably can buy your way out of trouble …same same ..sama sama .. is not even first case regarding S$$$$$$rean….sigh she would be fine and just going pay some peanuts lah..of course to the courts of monkeys

  13. The assault case was 3 years ago yet no verdict. This shows how the gahmen favors the rich and influential.

    May this blardy Lao CB kick the bucket asap.

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