Reckless driver nearly kills motorcyclist with brash lane manoeuvre


A Honda car driver nearly killed a motorcyclist with a deadly lane manoeuvre when he bumped into the motorcyclist, leading the motorcylist to be knocked off his bike onto the next lane.

Footage from the dashboard camera of a vehicle behind the motorcyclist captured the incident clearly. The video, which was uploaded online last Friday, shows the motorcyclist moving away slightly before he is hit and it appears as though he is able to minimise the impact of the collision through his quick reflexes.

The motorcyclist could have very well lost his life if the lorry moving in the lane the motorcylist fell onto did not slow down and mowed him down.

Check out the chilling close call here:

Honda SLE3058X driver nearly took away a life in this deadly maneuver of lane switching.Rider had ninja reflexes and the good fortune of truck just slower on left by 5 seconds. Wishing rider well and full recovery. Video is for insurance claim purposes.Credit: Joshie Woshie

Posted by on Friday, 15 December 2017



  1. motorcyclist is lucky , the lorry cannot possibly slow down in time… if u watch the clip, it is not fault of lorry and no lorry can possibly stop in such a short time / distance. the motorcylist just quickly move off from the moving path of the lorry in time, motorcyclist himself is alert too. good move .

  2. If lorry driver ran over the motorcyclist, everybody will blame these 2. The damn car driver simply gets away, in the protection of the car. If lorry needs to bang, please direct at this Honda driver!!! Everybody needs to exercise plenty of patience, caution and really pay 100% attention on the road especially on rainy days…. BETTER BE LATE THAN NEVER. BE A RESPONSIBLE DRIVER.

  3. There has been a spate of road accidents involving inconsiderate, kiasu, aggresive mf drivers in SG. Damn traffic police whom we don’t see these days on the road should be out there patrolling the roads!

    Where are all of them? Doing escort duties for the elite ministers? Cut back of traffic police personnel by govt to save costs? Damn!

  4. This type of driver have to suspend his driver license cannot on the road no fix to be a driver in Singapore . No point fine suspense is the best if not cause accident. Blind spot is an excuse also raining too can’t stay on his lane

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