Rafidah Aziz: Why did Malaysia fail to catch the elusive yacht?


Rafidah Aziz, former Malaysian minister is in awe.

She does not believe it that the Malaysian authorities missed the most luxurious yacht?

According to prosecutors, the famous yacht belongs to 1MDB fugitive Jho Low.

Last week, the FBI snatched the elusive vessel in Indonesian waters.

Rafidah said she chanced upon the super yacht, The Equanimity while on a diving trip in Phuket a year ago.

In a Facebook post yesterday, she asked how the Malaysian authorities could not find the yacht when she could.

She asked whether Malaysian authorities did even bother to actually track and find the yacht?

“What happened to our own enforcement authorities?

“Did we never bother to actually track and find the yacht?” she wrote.

Are there more ‘horror scandals’ to uncover behind the yacht says Rafidah.

She also asked whether there was a hidden agenda in not looking for the 300-footer vessel.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak said there was no proof that 1MDB funds were used to buy the vessel.

The 1MDB scandal is the biggest corruption and money laundering scandal in the world’s history, said the US Department of Justice.

The Swiss financial regulator Finma also said it was the biggest money laundering case ever.