Python sightings in Bukit Batok raises alarm – Except for one badass old man

picture credit: Jeff Cym FB

Facebook user Jeff Cym shared a picture and a video of a python which decided to visit a coffeeshop next to Prime Supermarket in Bukit Gombak on Sunday morning. The video shared by the user showed all the patrons of the coffeeshop running helter-skelter when they noticed the snake.

All except an older man who continued eating his economy noodles without bothering about the commotion the snake has caused. The snake can be seen trying to bite a patron when he tried to stomp its head with the leg of a chair.

Posted by Jeff Cym on Saturday, 3 June 2017

The user said that it is very likely that the police responded to the sighting of the snake and that he left with his wife and children from the coffeeshop soon after the creature was spotted as his wife had Ophiophobia (fear of snakes).

Some commenters who responded to the post chided the man who tried to attack it with a chair, and said that it should be left alone, lest it attacks in self-defence.

In March a Youtuber shared a video of another python sighting. She captioned her video: “Seen on 23 Mar 2017 at 6.30pm in the drain beside car-wash section of Caltex Station. Case reported to OneService App. Please share with friends or family living around that area as there is a student care nearby and many residents living in that area.”


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