Public insensitivity in India hits new low as woman is raped in broad daylight



An intoxicated man sexually assaulted a woman in full public view on a major street in Visakhapatnam, India as several people filmed the incident callously without bothering to help.

The horrifying incident occurred in New Railway Colony around 2:30 pm on Sunday. An auto-rickshaw driver filmed the episode on his phone and sent it to the police. However, he didn’t intervene and help the distressed woman.

Authorities arrested the accused, Ganji Siva, 23, a truck-cleaner in the evening and he was sent to two weeks of judicial remand after being produced in court on Monday.

Visakhapatnam IV town police sub-inspector K Suresh told Hindustan Times that the 43-year-old woman fled from her home after an argument.  “Apparently, she was very weak as she had not eaten for several hours and was sleeping on the footpath under the shadow of a tree, when Siva, in an inebriated condition assaulted her sexually,” he said.

Not a single eye-witness tried to stop the incident. The woman was too weak to defend herself or shout for help as she had not consumed food for several hours.

“Instead, some of them were more interested in capturing the incident on their mobile phones. After some time, an auto driver, RG Srinu, shot a short video of it and brought it to our notice,” Suresh added.

Siva had left the spot by the time police authorities reached and they were able to trace him after questioning local people. The survivor was sent to King George Hospital where she underwent a medical examination.

The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the country.  It is especially alarming to note the apathy displayed by the people present who could have easily prevented the assault and rushed to the woman’s aid, taking Siva to task and handing him over to the police.  The accused was even allowed to flee from the spot on his bike after he committed the crime.

Authorities who looked at the footage expressed shock and said that while the police control room received at least six phone calls from witnesses at the time of the attack, no one stepped up to stop the incident.

The video is a grim reflection of our times and a reminder that we need to fight harder than ever to preserve our humanity in a world filled with chaos and darkness.


  1. And one Indian FT in Singapore by the name of Kondantha pani commented that Singaporeans are least bothered to help people in distress.. yes true but not to the extent of not ignoring a rape takinng place in front of their eyes..
    Mr Kondantha pani..are you listening???

  2. All Singaporeans luv and welcum indian nationals to cum live work and play here. Remember, they are super talented and create good jobs for us. They make changi biz park to Chennai Biz Park and without their super talents, nothing pretty much works. Pls offer them free citizenships

  3. An incident happened and happily you use that same paint brush to paint the whole Indian race as uncaring . Come on people you can do better than that !

  4. Die lor! Singapore have so many of these scums here now, even police report increase in molest cases. A nut place where women are abused and some animals are sacred.

  5. Respect for women must start from the top
    Vulnerable people especially women and children must have somewhere to go.
    Does not matter how many clever people you have, they will never be respected unless their country shows respect.
    No point saying Indians are treated without respect in ME countries when their own country does not treat them with respect.

  6. Many Ah New would bring their home Rape Culture, and ractice to Singapore! Do you remember the case of an Indian raping a PRC Woman in the pretext of asking for toothpaste?

  7. India is not a sick country kindly correct that sentence.. the ones there are sickos. They may be talented but no way it paves way for this refugees to underate us or our talents..its not we are unwilling to take up jobs that u refugees dominate..we respect our own talents which are not rewarded logically..u lowballers from abroad especially from India and Philippines are grabing wats being offered like 3 for 50 cents..not only that ur sickening intervention on all our simply peversified to the extreme..and added are the PRC’ S.. we are not chasing u off..but stop climbing over our heads..u people are just multicitizenship headed snakes..we gave an inch..but u are invading our yards..alright..

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    • Well sore losers will always whine..dont bother bro. They are talented..i do agree on that valid point but to equate us with for not being educated enough to fill in the posts are utter rubbish..They possess certain requisite skills which they are well versed in and produce the desires results. But many these so called talents fts in the bill?? The Singaporeans are always labelled of complaining ,snobbish and arrogant. Yes..they are and i wont deny this fact..but are the foreigners expectionally humble and polite?? My two balls to them.. The majority of the Northern indian expats display one of the most holier than thou attitude and arrogancy at its peak though most of the indian labourers are more humble and hardworking.. i have worked as a part time security in some of the condominiums in the east where the security are trreated like dirt.. its based on my personal experience and not based on prejudice..

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