Featured News PSP’s Kumaran Pillai said he will go all out to help hawker...

PSP’s Kumaran Pillai said he will go all out to help hawker who is struggling to support mentally challenged son and visually impaired daughter

Mr Kumaran said he intends to help this family get back on their feet. “Mr Toh’s income is just enough to support one individual”




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In his rounds around Kebun Baru (SMC), the Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) Kumaran Pillai met with a hawker and his family who had barely enough to make ends meet.

In a PSP video, Mr Pillai said that Mr Toh runs a hawker stall. His daughter, living with him, earns very little as well, he added. The pair are also supporting another brother.

According to the PSP, Mr Toh has been trying to get more assistance from the government over the past two years, but has been unsuccessful.

Mr Toh is worried about the future of his children after him. One of them is mentally challenged and both of them are other visually impaired. He told the PSP that he has tried to meet with his Member of Parliament but has not been successful in his attempts.

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My heart goes out to the plight of these people. One of the reasons why I entered politics is to make a difference and to reach out to the people who had fallen between the cracks.#psp#youdeservebetter#progresswithcompassion#GE2020

Posted by Kumaran Pillai on Tuesday, 7 July 2020

While he has been dealing with a social worker, he says he does not qualify for the welfare scheme because he earns above the minimum household wage.

However he adds that expenses are high to take care of his special needs children. While PSP added that they are unclear about what transpired between Mr Toh and his social worker, they added that they will try help him by making a representation and see how he can qualify for any current schemes.

“Mr Toh’s income is just enough to support one individual”, Mr Pillai noted.

He said that he intends to help these people to get back on their feet. He added that the PSP would continue to walk the ground and continue serving them no matter what the outcome is. /TISG

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