Featured News PSP goes on large-scale walkabout again

PSP goes on large-scale walkabout again

This time the walkabout comprised of over 40 members of the party




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The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) announced that it went on yet another large-scale walkabout again, this time with over 40 members.

During their Sunday (Mar 8) visit to the Clementi Market and Food Centre, the party shared that “it is refreshing to see many residents now being able to recognize PSP members in our PSP uniforms”.

Amongst photos shared on social media yesterday (Mar 9), Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock did not seem to be present.

Their Facebook post read: “Clementi New Town was developed between 1975 and 1979 on the plot of land that was once occupied by Singapore Guard Regiment camp, after the HDB cleared the area in 1974 and affected villagers were resettled. It is the first development in Singapore to integrate public housing, public transport and commercial facilities built together within a single complex”.

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During the Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) first walkabout (Sep 29), Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock received warm responses from a receptive crowd showing positive ground sentiments.

The walkabout covering 29 Constituencies covered all four corners of Singapore. Dr Tan was spotted at two locations at Ghim Moh and Tiong Bahru. Then-party assistant Secretary-General Anthony Lee accompanied him at both locations.

At Tiong Baruh Market, People’s Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament (MP) minister Indranee Rajah ran into Dr Tan while she was on her own walkabout canvassing for votes for the Tanjong Bahru GRC.

During that walkabout, Dr Tan said: “There were 300 members who walked the ground. The target is to reach more than 1000 members”.

The Progress Singapore Party organized its very first walkabout, weeks after the first firm step to the next General Election (GE) was announced, in the form of the convening of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC).

The next general election must be held by April 2021, at the latest. /TISG

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