Prospective tenant is told room is no longer available when landlord really doesn’t want to rent to Indians


Facebook user Nupur Saraswat has taken to the social networking site to share about a Singapore landlord who refused to rent her room out to Nupur, solely because she is an Indian.

It all started when the landlord, who appears to be known as Meghan Stark on Facebook, put out an advert for a single condo bedroom that is available for immediate moving in, on Facebook group FindYourRoomInSG.

Nupur, who was looking for a room since she is returning to Singapore from overseas, reached out to Meghan but was told that the room had been taken:

However, Nupur then noticed that the same room had been listed again on the rental advertisement group:

The listing had been re-posted, and was last re-posted as recently as 22 hours ago on the group, indicating that the landlord hasn’t found a suitable tenant yet:

When Nupur called Meghan out, the landlord admitted that she might be racist but retorted that:

“I may be racist but you can’t be blame people being biased to your people.”

Nupur subsequently posted the whole exchange on her Facebook page, upset at the “reality of real estate in Singapore”:

“I haven’t even landed in SG yet and I am already reminded why I was happy to leave.
“If any of you wanted me to give this nice lady the benefit of the doubt, then you should know that I have already written a message to her confronting her POLITELY, asking her if the room has suddenly become available again, and she has “seen” it. 
“She has apparently been trying to put the same room up for rent since 30th July and hasn’t been able to get it off her hands. She’d rather keep putting up the same ad again and again on the same group than let an Indian have it. 
“I know the real estate market is riddled with worse instances of blatant racism and I know I shouldn’t be so affected by some rando, but this is what piled up micro aggression looks like. From a previous owner “reminding” you of rent 5 days in advance because “Indians never pay rent on time” to hawker stall vendors just down right refusing you service. I really want to call this country home, I really want to feel patriotic towards it for supporting me for 7 years but I just can’t. Not when it manages to make a considerably confident woman second guess herself everyday and chips away at her self esteem.
“I am so tired.. My eyes are red, they hurt, and I am tired.
“UPDATE: she asked me to delete her name while in the same breath accepting that she’s racist? So here are the same pictures with her name blacked out because it’s not about one racist person out there, it’s about the reality of real estate in SG.”

UPDATE: she asked me to delete her name while in the same breath accepting that she's racist? So here are the same…

Posted by Nupur Saraswat on Wednesday, 16 August 2017


      • Renting is both sides’ wishes. Each side reserve the right to choose another for whatever reason they have. The property belongs to her and it is thus her right. Calling her names?

    • Ppls buy house with money ,need to ask permission who to lease? Of course landlord decide for his benefits to who and not to who. Why Cannot? Chinese cannot marry only Chinese Wife and must opened to mary Indian etc. If not label as racist? What say u?

    • Landlord is stupid. He can afford to have a house. Indian tenant is smart but no house and need to rent from landlord. What talking u, along with anymore who thinks the same way…

    • The property belongs to the landlord and they have every right to protect and safeguard their property to their best interests. Whoever comments otherwise, do u want to be or can u afford to be responsible should any kind whatsoever mishap happen to their property? If u can’t, don’t dun talk as if u will pay for any damages incur cost by their tenants..

  1. Let us suppose this landlady was made to rent the room to the complainant. If the same bad xp happened again to the landlady, who will pay for the costly repairs?
    Ministers? The pple arguing landlords have no right to determine who they want to rent to?

  2. Look, it’s simple: the landlord has a right to be a stupid, racist loser who was raised the wrong way, and who would do the world a favour by being run over by a bus.

    But seriously, it’s pretty well known we have a lot of these shitheads.

  3. In that case you shouldn’t come back to S’pore. Stay where u think u are treated fairly. Why can’t u just understand every landlord has his or her choice to rent out their property. No smoke no fire! Blame your own race to give others such a bad impression.

  4. This woman shud just go calm her stupid titties. Why so worked up and go around defaming the landlord ?? You are making the situation worse for other indian nationals to rent rooms here. If u dun like it here then pls go back to ur cuntry lah idiot.

  5. Just go somewhere else. No use bitching about it. Part and parcel of being in a foreign land. You’re just making more landlords wary of you, because anything happens it might go all over social media.

    • The LANDLORD has the right. If you are not happy with the LANDLORD, go find another. If you are in a foreign land, you ARE a nobody. Bitching about it just makes it worse for yourself. Every country you will find a certain amount of cultural bias and preferences amongst the locals. There are always plenty of choices, unless you’ve been scammed, robbed or assaulted, suck it up and move on.

  6. Lol the Independent? Whats wrong with that? Its up to the landlord who he or she wishes to rent the property to? Isnt that a fair go.Race will come into play, its up to the landlord lol completely.

  7. The Indians are the one that favored their own kind. My previous company hired a Indian CEO, and soon many staff were made to leave, or terminated. Then many Indians were employed to replace them.

    In one case, a procurement manager was asked to resign on a Friday, and following Monday, a Indian came and took over the position.

    • Lee Beniot who did YOU vote for? Your wife get molested, you want us to ask who you voted for? You get raped by a few hairy men, you want us to ask who you voted for? Idiot.

    • If locals are bunch of idiots, who are miserable at problem solving and number crunching then why pay more bucks for idiots when one can get cheaper and effective resource from wherever it’s possible, you should ask yourself a question first that why that HR from India was put in there, it’s not random, it’s a strategic move. See, I might have used very strong words here but buddy didn’t we Asians ripe the benefits of globalization ? The point is every CEO favors or give chance to the ppl he knows better, the CEO you are talking about would have overlooked 100 other potential Indians while favoring that particular Indian but you won’t be able to see that because you have a convenient argument to make that “Indians favors their own kind” – why the hell didn’t you try to talk it out this issue in your own organization

      • It is plain simple, you set up shop here, you hire locals. If you set up shops here and hire Indians, then might as well set up shop in India. If investors set up shops in India and hire cheaper Bangladeshis, your whole argument will be against globalization. By the way, Indians are famous for one way traffic. If you read the interviews given by LKY to reporters, he described India as a country that wraps itself in layers and layers of red tapes because of bad experience of colonial exploitation. I don’t have faith in you Indians as people with open minds embracing globalization, welcoming foreigners with open arms. You guys only want people to do that to you but not you doing that to other people. Traffic for you guys are not 2 ways.

      • By the way, Indians cheaper and better, you are very very wrong. I hate Indian call centres because Indian English has a very strong accent. Filipino call centres are much much better because their Tagalog accent is much easier to understand. Maybe you guys eat too much spicy curry. Indian satellites are the worst. I make marketing calls to all parts of the world and India has the poorest reception second only to African countries such as Angola. Even South Africa has better reception. What a shame that Modi claimed that India’s space program is cheaper than a Hollywood movies. Only when you do business with Indians, Europeans, Chinese, Americans and Russians will you know that cheaper does not mean better. Only when you hire Indian migrant workers will you know that they have nothing to their counterparts from China in terms of being hardworking. They are famous for “Chow Keng”. Go ask a Singaporean what that means.

      • Armish Sonkar, so you know why the Indian CEO put the Indian HR there? It is of course a “strategic move” because if he did not do so, he would not have survived surrounded by so many much more hardworking Chinese Singaporeans. He is too used to being Chow Keng back in India, so it will be more strategic to bring another bunch Chow Keng people so that he can continue to Chow Keng and yet will not lose his job. But the company will eventually shut down. Ask yourself how many East Asian companies make it to Fortune 500 and how many South Asian companies make it to the list and you will know why. That is what I gather from feedbacks of Chinese business people including my father who hired Indians and Chinese workers from India and China. Go read about LKY’s view on “Intense and exacting Sinic Cultures of East Asia and the less demanding values of Hindu culture of South and South-east Asia”. You will understand why it is more “strategic” for that soft person to remove the hard people and staff it with other soft people. So you must be crazy to suggest that soft people are good at problem solving and number crunching and hard people are Idiots. Hey soft guy, it is the other way round.

    • Armish Sonkar To reply you, my company was bought over by another company helmed by another Indian CEO. The new Indian CEO had no management experience at the highest level and was hired simply because he was an ex-colleague. The locals are not bunch of idiots . Period.

    • Armish Sonkar I worked with those India’s Indians before and the only thing that impresses me is their ability to escape work and cover each other asses.It well known that when you hire Indians, they will bring their entire villages over. Its not a coincidence how Braclays, Standard Chartered became all dominated by them.Realy, even the US hates them , that is why there are thinking of overhauling the H1B visa. They arealise Tata and all these shit companies are bringing all the Indians over without hiring Americans.

  8. What’s wrong with refusing to rent? It’s her room and she got every right to be racist, sexist or whatever ist.

    She already politely gave an excuse that it’s taken. But u still stupidly wanna use the racism card to force her to rent to u?

    Crazy bitch ass, whatcha smoking

  9. Woah. So many Chinese people here say she has the right to rent whoever she wants. No wonder SJWs say Singapore have Chinese Privilege. Come one guys, at least feel some outrage.

  10. Some landlords also refuse to rent out to Chinamen. No one complains it is a racial thing but comes to Indian, it’s always racial discrimination. There must many reasons why they’re not popular. One of the reasons is that they’re trouble makers and complaining all the time.

    • worst tenants to rent out to..they are cheapskate and irresponsible..had my fair share of renting to these idiots. No more rent out to them. when they call up, i make sure I raise the rent up.. and i know they cant pay up.. they are usually very cheapskate..want to pay less but want the whole place like a stock up shopping mall with home appliances and furnitures. after a few months, the home is damaged, stoves blackened, drawings on the walls, and kitchen appliances broken! F those bastards.

  11. My principle is very simple….local born and raised Singaporean of Indian ethnicity, I will rent out if he/she can pay…..just like any other Singaporean. Mainland indian……hell no. For that matter…….any foreign trash of any skin colour, or nationality (ESPECIALLY AH TIONGS)…….is not welcome as my tenant.

    • My downstairs neighbour, wife from India and husband singaporean.The wife is so free and went to Town Council many times to complain about our smelly toilets! My wife washes our toilet everyday. The indians didn’t go to school? Hot air rises and it seems like the smell come from her toilet because it smell like whatever thing they eat they passed out! They are trouble makers also banging the bedroom doors and gate in and day out. We did not complain to police or town council and just bear with their nonsense!The cooking and husband smoking sucks and smelly till we have to close the windows and turn on the aircons.

  12. KNN…the old indian woman next door only take in indian tenants for years though her daughter-in-law is Vietnamese. Both were always fighting and one late night the NPP police had to be called to settle the fighting and shouting. The daughter-in-law moved out and there is peace again. Nabey.

  13. Landlords have the prerogative to choose their tenants based on their own experiences and that of other landlords. It is their property after all. This lady should just look for another property instead of playing the race card.

  14. Why can’t she rent with Indians or does she have a thing for Chinese? These Indians stop creating problems out of nothing. I won’t want to rent with an Indian. And if I rent out, I prefer not to too. Chinese Singaporeans have every right to choose whom they live with. My neighbours are India Indians. They don’t care to be friendly and it is great.

  15. Why are these India Indians not trusted. Landlords believe they leave a mess when the tenancy expires. Not always true. Mainland Chinese do in fact are the ones not only mess up but ruin and leave behind a lot of filth. India Indians tend to bargain for the cheapest and they can be tricky. They are not trusted? Yes it is really hard to find one that you can trust. They would have called multiple agents to look for an apartment and agents after having spent days and running around with them feel short changed after see them going with a listing agent to avoid paying agency fee. But do Landlords have a choice? Very little. If they want any other than India Indians and Mainland Chinese they have to wait long long. Probably the best tenants are Filipinos. They are house proud people and they don;t complain or ask too much. Simple people. Locals as Tenants. Hmmmmm there are cheapskates, bad ones too rare to find a good one. They think the money they pay is big. Beware when a Singapore guy is looking to rent. He may be renting for his mistress from China and he declares it is his wife. So sometimes big trouble follow and the person answerable is the property agent. Poor guy. So if you think renting an apartment is good business think again. The days of good tenants and making good money is over. Many will soon face bankruptcy. With up to 200 new bankrupts every week when will be your turn? These are just my views. Go to the agents forum and here their stories.

  16. since the government can play the race card, why blame the citizens? who we rent our units to, is not entitled to you – since we are the ones who owns the property. when complainting about landlord being racists, have you look at your own disgusting arrogant behaviors? otherwise, go rent Hotels sure the Hotels dont mind. otherwise pack up and balek kampong – we hate disgusting, arrogant, irresponsible, cheapskate tenants.

  17. I am sure there’s more to it than meets the eye. We should not blame everyone as a racist out of their own personal choices. If a Chinese doesn’t want to choose an Indian for a wife is he being a racist?

  18. So u see, the landlord has make the right choice for not renting to Indian like u. Haven’t start u already create so much trouble. That’s tell what kind of person u are…lol

  19. alamak, everything also complain racism. even my sg indian friends also don’t want to rent their units to india indians. pls go tell them that they are racist.

    and even the sg chinese also don’t want to rent their units to prcs. but the prcs never played the race card!

    wait til you go indonesial, then you know what is racism. there those busteds rape and kill the women, right in front of their family. burnt down their houses, shops and buildings. a chinese friend converted to islam and has done the haj, was beaten up and needed almost 20 stitches on his head. he gave up on religion for a year. then became a Christian. he said what he saw on the cross – that’s real religion.

  20. Interesting that the independent and the middle ground hasn’t gone both ways, i.e. Reporting damage and truant cases by Indian tenants (if any).

    And then, to be fair, looking for cases causes by other tenant profiles as well.

  21. I dont think thats unfair … a lot of my chinese clients dont employ indians … for reasons indians or rather Tamils know…
    This does not happen to Punjabis etc …
    Their attitudes suck … Alaways remember that ppl remember how you make them feel…and Tamils been playing the race card too long…but not working in the right direction.

  22. I choose whom I welcome to stay in my home. That said I’d screen any prospective tenant before having them do a viewing regardless of race. Basically a landlord would find someone they have synergy with and that could be along the lines of cultural practices and religious practices eg I eat pork and beef and I would welcome anyone who can accept it.

  23. Singaporean Indian or India Indian? Those people whom I know rent to India Indian had a nightmare experience that they had been forced to renovate the place after those parasites left, many refused to pay rent and refused to vacate

  24. Unfortunately as much as I’m against racism …. its not a crime , eat it, learn and move on

    Govt has endorsed a race based PE so who’re u to complain?

  25. They are themselves loud & rude, proud & disrespectful, s-stingy-s cheapos yet they have the cheeks to say others are like that! BE WARNED!!!! If you tell them directly they pollute the air that you breathe, they will slither to the left & right, nod up & down and dart at you like a king cobra, kAR-cHAR!!!

  26. Actually, I don’t really blame the landlord. Just had a really nasty experience with a tenant who owe us at least 2 months rent plus a whopping electricity bill to settle after we evicted him thru our lawyer. That wan’t just it. House was left in such a disgusting state! Toilet seats missing, broken stair tiles, Air Con Compressor dismantled, not to mentioned the 1/2 ins of dirt found all over the house. Totally heart breaking!

  27. I would not want to rent to Indian too because of my bad experience with them. No matter what you specified in black and white on the rental agreement, they don’t care and they simply did things behind your back until they moved out you get a shock of your life on all the mess they have done to your home! Sorry, this is not a racist remark and I think every owner has the right to choose their tenant base on their past experience or their own liking.

  28. i believe its bad past expereince nothing to do with race or religion .anyway there is No real image or a video of The landlord saying it in written or verbal . So we are all suckers to even comment..

  29. Honestly I applaud the tenant for being polite at first and then truthful. It’s a private property and the owner has every right to her preference first whether she is bias or racist is left to the rest to play it up.

  30. It’s landlord right to choose,maybe she have already bad experience before….so it still her right to choose a tenant,me myself a landlord,having bad experience,ex tenant making party in my apartment, so much money involve due to so much damage from them…dirty etc…so we have no other choice to choose or screen the tenant before we would rent it out….

  31. Houses and rooms for subletting belong to the landlords. It’s their ‘property’ and as such they have a right to the choices of preferred tenants and ‘least’ preferred.
    I’m a landlord and I’m Chinese. I’ll be subletting out my flat soon and I specifically instructed my agent a ‘NO’ to PRCs, foreign students and ‘terrorists’.
    My flat, my option.
    Have money will travel. Instead of making an ‘issue’ over a ’tissue’, look elsewhere. You’ll find your perfect landlord. Ponder over why you’re blacklisted as you venture on your search. It helps.
    I don’t eat certain ‘types’ of cuisines, I don’t mix with certain ‘types’ of people. I don’t travel to certain ‘types’ countries. I don’t buy certain ‘types’ products made by certain countries.
    Call this discrimination all you want.
    I call them ‘choices’ in life. Get use to it mate. Go get a life and move on!

  32. So u mean landlord cannot choose who to rent the house to la? U think u renting hotel room is it? So when a cheena come ask me n i say taken, i am not racist but if a indian come ask me n i say taken, im racist is it? Furthermore, she rejected politely say it is taken. You r the one that is creating the problem here sia… she is right not to rent to u. Haven rent already got problem, rent liao more problem.

  33. I attended the wedding of a wealthy Indian friend’s daughter in new Delhi a few years back. Her grandmother was supervising a cooking party in their open garage. I was sitting nearby chatting with another colleague when the women’s banter turned to shrieks and loud cursing. A large pot of curry was upturned into a nearby drain. Apparently, some beggar or low caste individual had stopped at the gate and asked for water or bread. It seems the insult blighted the event enough to pour a hundred portions of curry down the drain.
    Racism, elitism and whatever intolerance are not exclusive to any particular nation. But are merely individuals who are close minded, insecure and petty. While it’s important to call out such individuals, we must always remember we ourselves live in glass houses and shouldn’t throw stones too often.

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