Proposed amendment to Films Act will allow the police to search your home without a warrant


The Info-Communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) is due to make some drastic changes to the Films Act soon. The Authority proposed several amendments to the Act earlier this month, one of which would give the police powers to search homes without a warrant.

This particular amendment would legally allow the police to enter and inspect any home, without a warrant, and examine any film or advertisement found in the premises. The search may include an inspection of personal items like phones, computers, laptops, tablets or memory storage drives. Any films that are found to be unlawful may be disposed or seized by enforcement officers:

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The authorities already have limited powers to conduct such searches but they are presently restricted to only searching for obscene or political party films. If the proposed amendment is passed, the authorities will be able to conduct checks without warrants for all unlawful media, including pirated films.

Members of the public may write in to the IMDA to give feedback about the proposed amendments until 22 December. The deadline for providing feedback was initially set at 15 Dec but was likely extended due to public demand.

Those who are interested to express their opinions on this matter to the Authority may do so here.

Should IMDA staff have the power to literally break into your home (without a warrant) and seize your laptop, phone or…

Posted by Alan Seah on Monday, 11 December 2017


  1. It’s quite alright if it’s lawful but remember before WWII the nazis created a lot of rules to enable themselves to do whatever they pleased and that’s how the history we know was created and it’s nothing positive so do take note that if such is implemented it should not compromises public interest and wellbeing!! Please!!!

    • Well I would like to see you do something to show your protest.

      Need help with purchasing cardboard, markers and applying for a license to protest in Hong Lim Park.

      When are you doing it?

  2. If the police can search without warrant or just cause or reasonable grounds, it will be a POLICE STATE…political intimidation, harassment, fishing expeditions, etc. Good luck!

  3. I see one loophole here.
    What if a group of robber impersonate police officers and with this new rule, how to safeguard Singaporeans safety? Hiw we kbkw they are real officers?
    Ever thought of this?

  4. What have we “lost” so far:

    • Freedom of speech
    • Freedom of assembly
    • Restriction on the consumption of alcohol
    • Return of CPF
    • Now invasion of personal privacy in our own home

    Please feel free to add on if I’ve missed out any wonderful privileges enjoyed as a citizen.

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