Proper parking spaces for bicycles now mandatory, no longer chain them to fences or lampposts

Photo: Facebook/Volunteer Bike Patrol

Obbana Rajah

Keeping in line with the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) vision for a “car-lite” Singapore, all new property developments are required to provide bicycle parking.

This also applies to buildings undergoing redevelopment or reconstruction as well.

According to LTA’s provisional guidelines, for residential developments, depending on the type, there needs to be one bicycle parking space for every four to six dwelling units.

Additionally, according to URA, the introduction of these parking spaces will “facilitate more people to take up cycling as a commuting mode and to minimise indiscriminate parking in public places”.

However netizens seem sceptical as to how the new URA and LTA regulations – with regards to both shared bikes and personal bicycles – will be enforced.

The new bicycle parking provision standard also applies to commercial establishments such as cinemas, shops, offices, nightclubs and hotels.

The requirements of the bicycle parking spaces vary depending on the development’s gross floor area (GFA). In addition bicycle parking spaces provided under the new LTA provision standard will be exempted from GFA computation.


  1. We don’t have that kind of mentality and civic mindedness here in Spore. We claim to be a first world country by our government. First world buildings yes. People , wait Long Long la. Whether it may be bicycles, electric scooters or even rich mans cars they are all the same. Totally selfish and self centred. Disregard to public property and definitely the least caring society. The more this country prosper monetary , the more they become horrible and that trickles down to even the educated ones too might be even worst.

  2. Mandatory now? Too late! Already Hell broke loose.

    Still I insist It’s Farting LTA’s fault to begin with….. nothing is well thought out before implementation. Look at how bloody stupid to have allowed share paths on all foot paths, regardless of how narrow they may be….. breeding those self entitled selfish & lawless bikes/ebikes/pmds terrorising everywhere.

  3. 1 bicycle lot for every 4-6 dwelling units?
    Obviously they have no freaking idea how many foreign workers there are here who cycle to work or the mrt station. So, the bicycles with no lot to park will still be chained to lamp-posts and railings everywhere.