Pro-PAP fanpage gets called out for allegedly trying to “stir shit” between Singapore and Malaysia

Pro-ruling party fanpage Fabrications About the PAP was called out this week for allegedly trying to “stir shit” between Singapore and Malaysia. This, after the administrator of the page shared a news story on how Malaysia’s Hope Fund has raised USD 6.8 million as of 3 June, with a caption alluding to how Singapore’s President’s Challenge raised 7.6 million:

Singapore’s President Challenge collected $7.6 million on a Sunday evening.

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Sunday, 3 June 2018

Several netizens felt that this was an unfair comparison and called the page administrator out for stooping too low, while some said that the page is “losing credibility”. Some followers of the controversial page even asserted that this was the last straw for them and claimed that they unfollowed the page:

This is not the first time the page has been in the news. In the past, the page administrator Jason Chua has been accused of twisting the words of certain figures like Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson Li Shengwu. He was also in the news fairly recently after launching a series of fake news attacks against Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh:

PAP Fanpage accuses Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson of calling Singaporeans “dogs”

PAP fanpage launches yet another “fake news” attack against WP MP Pritam Singh