Featured News Pritam Singh visits Eunos RC offices despite not in grassroots network

Pritam Singh visits Eunos RC offices despite not in grassroots network

Opposition MP thanks PA staff and volunteers, soldiers for packing and distributing masks




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Singapore — Workers’ Party chief Pritam Singh has visited Residents’ Committee (RC) offices in Eunos despite opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) not being part of the community grassroots network.

In a social media post on Wednesday (Feb 5), Mr Singh wrote that he “dropped in to all the RC offices in the Eunos ward of Aljunied GRC to say thank you to the People’s Association staff and volunteers for their efforts over the last few days distributing masks to residents”. He also thanked the army for deploying men to pack the masks.

He added: “Opposition MPs are unfortunately not part of the community grassroots network established through the People’s Association and, as such, we do not have access to the Community Clubs, RC centres, etc. to reach out to residents and to serve to their needs.”

“In times of crisis, political aberrations and politics should not stand between a unity of purpose amongst fellow Singaporeans,” Mr Singh said about his visits.

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The WP chief also wrote that he met some formerly active and current grassroots leaders (GRLs) who had gathered for dinner and a birthday celebration. “I know some of the GRLs to be very decent people and we exchanged well-wishes,” he wrote.

Aljunied GRC has been held by the WP since 2011. /TISG

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