The Workers’ Party’s (WP) Pritam Singh appears to be the favourite to succeed Low Thia Khiang as the party’s secretary-general when members of the only opposition party in Parliament elect their new party leader on 8 April, this year.

Veteran politician Low Thia Khiang has served as the WP’s secretary-general since 2001. Low confirmed at the party’s 60th anniversary dinner last November that he will not contest the next election to “make way for new blood”.

Last year, Aljunied GRC MP Pritam Singh was named assistant secretary-general of the party – a post that had been vacant since 2006. Analysts and reporters speculated that the move marks Singh as the frontrunner for taking over the party’s reins once Low steps down as party chief.

In recent weeks, a political observer Lam Peng Er suggested that WP Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Daniel Goh could be a contender in the elections.

Goh promptly ruled himself out as a contender for the top position and backed Singh for the role. His comments make it clear that Singh, 40, is the favourite to succeed Low.

Taking to Facebook this morning, Goh expressed his support for Singh and said:

“I believe that WP, to further develop as a viable opposition party, needs a leader with the following qualities.
“One, an MP with good experience of speaking and debating in Parliament and able to lead the other WP MPs. Two, an MP who works with his constituents and has their confidence and support. Three, an MP with good experience in leadership of town council management. Four, a humble servant-leader who knows his own flaws, works closely with the party grassroots and exhorts them to unite for the common good of Singapore and Singaporeans.
“On the first three counts, I am only a Non Constituency Member of Parliament with two years of real political experience. I have a lot more to learn.
“Pritam, on the other hand, is a proven MP in these respects. On the fourth point, I worked closely with Pritam on the WP60 Organising Committee (he was Chair, and I was Deputy Chair) and I am convinced he is such a servant-leader.”

Low has remained mum about who his likely successor will be. He has only said that this is something for the party to decide.

Good morning! I don’t think this is big news, especially when we have much larger leadership renewal uncertainties in…

Posted by Daniel Goh 吴佩松 on Sunday, 11 February 2018


  1. My two cents is the papsters have pap-smeared LTK so much that the WP will have to make Pritam their leader.
    Taking into account how “Singaporeans will never accept an Indian such as Tharman as PM”, it is a bit of a master-stroke by the papsters to erode the support of the WP by having Pritam as leader in the place of LTK.

    • I am a Singaporean Chinese. I do not have problem with Pritam Singh leading a political party. What is important is his ability, sincerity and commitment to serve.

      • You are a Singaporean Chinese? A PRC national? Go back to China lah!

        Or you mean you are a Chinese Singaporean?

        How do I know you are a Chinese Singaporean???

        You posted as Anonymous. There are so many other posts which are by “Anonymous”.

    • Amarjeet Singh
      This race based selection is a ploy by PAP to divide and rule. Yes, there are many racist up there. But we have no issues to see Dr Tan Cheng Bock as President or Mr Tharman becoming PM. Singaporeans are not really as narrow minded as PAP claims.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay Yep; we know where the issues lie.
      But 70% did vote for them and it must be forefront in your thinking.
      Btw, I have not met anyone who’s said Tharman should not be PM but we’re told the contrary.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay : Exactly! The late LKY was a racist. Anti-Malay. Thinks that the Malays are inferior. That’s pure bulls***! But, for money, power and prestige there are Malays who will side with this EVIL PAP! Money talks! The PAP must go. ‘This race base selection is a ploy by PAP to divide and rule’ is true and correct. MERITOCRACY means the better person wins. NOT the colour of their skin, race, status or anything else.

  2. Pritam Singh is a capable man and will represent the SG ordinary citizen in the house of white pigs..go Pritam go.

  3. Others talk and talk and talk. Play the guessing game. You make it happen! Low Thia Khiang steps down. True renewal. President reserved for minority. For you, will it happen again? You have our admiration, our confidence, our trust. You are for real.

  4. Anybody who says that we don’t vote along racial lines is either:

    (1) lying or
    (2) naive or
    (3) speaking for himself.

    If Pritam takes from from Teochew speaking Low, it will be hard to grow the party. At the last GE, WP almost lost Aljunied GRC. In the next GE, it’s not merely about retaining the same percentage of votes (with PAP taking 70%), but winning more votes.

    I don’t think Pritam will be able to pull in non-Indian votes, however good he is.

    Just look at the racist comments posted in various forums like SgTalk, HWZ, etc…unless you tell me those posters are not serious, and in truth, they love Indians whom they called abnn deep deep. Come on man!

  5. Great !!! Don’t ever forget that WP was once led be the incredible Jeyeratnam – one that never says die.. He fought and fought and fought. for his believes, his principles..

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