President Tony Tan points to Facebook posts as significant decisions he has made in 6-year term


Today is President Tony Tan’s last day on the job and he vacates his seat in the Istana to make way for a Malay successor in the upcoming reserved election to be held in mid-September.

State-linked news publication, the Straits Times, has been running a series looking back on President Tan’s six-year tenure at head of state. In one of the videos in this series, the publication asks the President:

“What significant decisions did you make during your presidency?”

President Tan’s answer: Facebook posts.

Yes, you read correctly: the President who was paid over S$4 million each year for 6 years considers his Facebook posts to be noteworthy “significant decisions” he made during his term.

President Tony Tan reflects on his six years at the Istana.

Posted by The Straits Times on Sunday, 27 August 2017


According to the President himself, he helped nation-building and maintain good relations between the various segments of Singapore society by posting stuff on Facebook.

He said that he did his utmost to ensure that Singaporeans remain united, and chose to do this by “put[ting] out a number of posts on Facebook to emphasise the need of why multiracial harmony, multicultural understanding is fundamental to Singaporeans.”

Some specific incidents where the President made such a “significant decision” was the case of the infant care assistant who planned to become a martyr’s widow in Syria, the case of the two auxilliary police officers who had been radicalised, and the Little India riot four years ago, in 2013.

How did he respond to ensure Singaporeans remained united?

Well, in one of his own examples – the Little India riot, the President made a “significant decision” by posting a 3-paragraph statement on Facebook in response to Singapore’s first riots in 40 years.

Like all Singaporeans, I was deeply concerned by the violence in Little India last night. People were injured,…

Posted by Dr Tony Tan on Sunday, 8 December 2013


This is not the first time the President has attracted negative scrutiny as he wraps up his stint at the Istana. When the Straits Times asked him what the highlight of his presidency was, in this same video series, the President pointed to Joseph Schooling’s Olympic win as his highlight.

Needless to say, he was roasted pretty badly for it.

President Tony Tan roasted for calling Schooling’s Olympic win “highlight of my presidency”




  1. Now I hope he still keep reading on Facebook to know how many people dislike him as he totally did nothing for citizens except enjoying himself on his world vacations at our expense.

  2. Person with a doctorate can make such idiotic statements. Can you imagine the quality of the paper generals we have? Can you imagine the level of donkeys we have in the PAP?
    No wonder we are in reverse gear and going downhill.

  3. He is a lucky guy. For his party loyalty , the Dearest Leader rewarded him good life. Now music chair change to next one. Cut President salary to $5000 only , see how many patriotic citizen of such calibre come forward to serve.



    WE TAX PAYERS ARE PAYING YOU N ALL THE PAP MINISTERS MILLIONS $$$$$$$$$ in salaries therefore we have every right to DEMAND THE RIGHT ANSWERS. Otherwise come GE2020, VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

    Singapore is a little Red Dot compared with our large neighbours and therefore quite easily governed especially when we have an excellent Civil Service who can run the government machinery well as the PAP. So fellow citizens do not fear in voting in the opposition.

    Better a caring opposition than the present PAP. Give a thought to your children n children’s children unless you want the present status quo to remain in their lifetime.

  5. “In Facebook posts, he would recount his public events and offer a voice of reassurance in the wake of terror arrests, and offer comfort during tragedies like the bus crash in Muar on Christmas Eve last year, when Singaporeans were killed.

    One area he is heartened by is how ethnic self-help groups work together on joint activities for those in need, regardless of race.

    “This helps show this is what Singapore is – despite our different communities, we all work and walk together and share common aspirations, and we can help other people together. It’s an achievement we have to carry on,” he says.”

    Read facebook posts only hoh. Just type a grandmother story and leave all the hard work to the self-help groups.

  6. Kenny Kwan i think we have a reading problem here. The quote lifted does not say what the TISG header implies. The subject matter (what he did during the presidency) is not the medium.

  7. tsk tsk TISG! Shame on you for inaccurate reporting. I took your report at face value without checking, and was asked by one of my friends whether he really did say that. So I ran my own check. True enough, you have taken his words, and twisted them out of context, and then sensationalise it. Now that is really tabloid style. Your credibility has suffered, and you do those who seek to present an alternate voice a great disfavour. I urge you to tighten up your reporting standard, and if you choose to sensationalise then your platform is not worth following.

  8. Just waste tax payer money when basically he got no power over most things. Another “Yes” man in the country. Why not properly used this $4million per year in helping the less fortunate Singaporean. No logic and indeed true for Singapore.

  9. Facebook posting is significant decision made? United the nation through Facebook posting? And this is hard work too? TT, YOU MAKE YOURSELF A LAUGHING STOCK TO THE WHOLE WORLD!

  10. His Presidential career is what all Singaporeans should aspire towards. Cut ribbons lah, makan expensive dinners with foreign guests and earn millions! 0 pressure except that he has to decide exactly which part of the ribbon to cut and also be on time to cut the ribbon. Of course he has also make sure all his hair in place. This case is all combed back, easy just I handful of hair gel and slap them all back. He is the inspiration of all nite club hostess or GRO for short.

  11. Lucky the pension scheme is abolish after Nathan term no we Singaporean still slog like cow to support this outgoing pathetic person…Ask anyone president shears is well respected follows by one teng cheong thenwee Kim wee.devan Nair ..Lastly yusolf ishak as for the 6.7th president no one would respect…President challenge collected millions how much left for the beneficiary..Apart paying the celebrities acting & lodging how much left…..Like USA Obama half of his salary to charity during his two term this the people president I respected most I salute to you OBAMA..On bh USA citizen thank you

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