Pregnant woman who tries to shame commuter for not giving up reserved seat gets backlash instead


A woman, who is believed to be pregnant, took to social media to shame a young couple for occupying one of the reserved seats in the train compartment she was in.

Instead of receiving support, the pregnant woman was flamed online – especially when her narrative was debunked by a netizen who alleged to have witnessed what really happened.

Why to have a boyfriend like him..????

Posted by Must See Singapura News on Saturday, 21 October 2017

A netizen who stumbled upon the video alleged that she was there when the video was recorded. She claimed that the pregnant lady was already seated on another reserved seat and still found fault with the young couple.

According to the eyewitness, the pregnant lady allegedly wanted her husband to occupy the reserved seat the young man was seated on. She supposedly even scolded her helper for not securing the seat fast enough:

A typical case of a petty Singaporean. She was a pregnant lady with 4 kids together with her husband, mother, and her helper in the train. She already got herself the reserved seat right opposite this guy when she recorded this video. So the moment, the couple alighted, her husband took up the reserved seat and and she even raised her voice slightly at her helper for not being fast enough to get the seats in the train. So what’s her intention of recording this video?”

Other netizens also flamed the pregnant woman:

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  1. “She was a pregnant lady with 4 kids together with her husband, mother, and her helper in the train” so the husband took the reserved seat. I thought reserved seats were meant for children n elderly?

  2. If what has been mentioned were the truth, then the young couple should be commended for being graceful by keeping their cool for being wrongly accused rather than retaliation which can escalate to ugly situation.

  3. No need signs to tell anyone to show respect to the Elderly and/or pregnant ladies and/or anyone with a baby/young child. It should be a natural reaction. Sadly, we have lost it since many years ago. ** respect is a two way thing. Don’t expect it if you don’t have any.

  4. I am sure if you ask politely, people sure gladly give up their seats. Yesterday saw a poor macik with walking stick standing besides the reserved seat which was occupied by another old lady. I went to approach a student and he gladly gave up his seat to her.

  5. To this pregnant woman.. First nobody but your good for thing husband made you pregnant (or is it he?).. Ask him to get a car and not to squeeze in the train. So what you are pregnant. Want a seat. Open your big fat mouth to ask!
    For your info. When I am pregnant.. Either me or husband will ask for seats.. Politely of course. Nobody has ever rejected us.

  6. If u r tasked to do something, do what is right first (tired pregnant lady to sit first) then the rest follows.. tone of voice etc. I usually the victimised, but I AGGRAVATED is pushed to the brink by the smiling AGGRAVATOR. We r NOT stupid.

  7. Wah, with 4kids and one on the way coming, goy 5kids really unusual in current days… So wad kind of education is she expecting for her 5kids?

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