POTUS Trump riles Singaporeans by calling PM Lee “Loong”


The President of the United States (POTUS) is meeting Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the White House today. In anticipation of the Singapore head of government’s visit, the POTUS released his agenda for the day on social media:

Interestingly, President Trump repeatedly referred to Prime Minister Lee as Prime Minister Loong in his post.

“Lee Hsien Loong” is a Chinese name, in which the first name is actually his surname and the remaining names are his first and middle name. President Trump calling PM Lee “Loong” is akin to someone calling the POTUS “President John.”

The POTUS calling PM Lee “Loong” suggests that he is not as familiar with the Singapore leader as former US President Barack Obama was.

Obama's boo-boos at the White House state dinner for Hsien Loong

The gaffe riled up Singaporeans who took to the comments section to correct the POTUS. Their corrections, however, were a drop in the bucket. In over 1,500 comments on the post, only about 25 commenters tried to correct the President:

These are our favorite comments though 😉 :

It must be noted that this is not the first time the POTUS or his PR Team have made a social media blunder when referring to PM Lee:

POTUS Trump momentarily confuses PM Lee for Indonesian President Joko Widodo

UPDATE: The POTUS’ Facebook post was updated to reflect “Prime Minister Lee” instead of “Loong” some 12 hours later, around 7am SGT:

“US-Singapore relationship has never been closer than now and won’t ever be stronger” – POTUS


  1. cant stand his body language here, like a chao ah kwa, trying to please trump and probably trying to show off that he met xi jin ping etc recently and leak some of his info to this trumpy guy.

    • He always has a Chao Ah Kwa look about him whether in his gait or in his vocals ! Observe him closely and you know what I mean – oh sorry forget to mention that he also has a first class clown face !!! No need make up also can pass off as a clown !!!

  2. Americans go by first name then last name (family name) so naturally Loong appears to be the family name. Well this President isn’t the normal president who will consult his kakis first

  3. Look at how PM Loong sat….. like a “sissy”. SIA is in “biz shit hole” why buy more planes from Boeing….???? Was that a ticket to get invited to White House.

  4. Two of my least favorite people in the world. Together. In the same room. Again. If Putin were also there, then we would really have the full opening cast of Macbeth. Pui!

  5. Majority not riled, who cares to whatever he”s called. With permanent frowns on his forehead and uncontrolled spasms when talking, aaaarrrgggghhhh!!

  6. I bochap. who is riled? except those eunuchs and concubines.

    shows how petty and ignorant they are. and don’t understand how the surname is at the back in america.

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