Post of nasi lemak cake goes viral – but for all the wrong reasons

Photo: Facebook / Tiana Kitchen

Channel NewsAsia today posted a video of Tiana Kitchen’s nasi lemak cake. The creators of th savoury cake 27-year-old Jennifer Yap and her mother Tatiana, 46, explained how they came up with the idea for the cake. The video has gone viral with over 900 shares – but only because netizens are not sure how this ‘cake’ is innovative.

Why nasi lemak cake? Creator Jennifer Yap tells Channel NewsAsia's Sumisha Naidu how she and her mum cooked up Malaysia's latest food obsession.

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Sunday, 23 April 2017

One of the top commenters on the post, Susan Lee asked: “you get airtime/publicity for this ‘creation’ ?”

Frederick Lam said that the 2 hours needed to make the sambal for the nasi lemak is not only not sustainable, but also that he does not see anything special about the ‘cake’.

Facebook user Hensem Robert said “people should just stop creating nonsense!”

Claire WL succinctly put what she thinks about the cake: “Nasi lemak cake? It’s literally just nasi lemak rice put in a round cake mould. Would still be ‘in a mess’ when serving a portion of it unless it’s sticky glutinous rice. Think i may come up with a giant nasi lemak sushi (1st in SG) and Channel NewsAsia can do a coverage on it 😅”

Many netizens were also not sure how the cake should be eaten that the CNA journalist who featured the ‘unique’ cake had to demonstrate how to do so…”just like eating nasi lemak”.

Others like Danny Yong wondered “why this cake made the news.”

But CNA was not the first to feature the nasi lemak cake in Singapore. Straits Times beat them to it earlier this month.

The cakes which are available to customers in Malaysia’s Klang valley area retails for 58 Malaysian Ringgit or about 18 Singapore Dollars.

A tad expensive for nasi lemak without chicken wings don’t you think?