Home News Post of insensitive food consumption at halal joint goes viral

Post of insensitive food consumption at halal joint goes viral




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A Facebook post alleging that some patrons of Cantine, a halal food court in Jurong Point, used cutleries from the food-joint to eat pork which was bought elsewhere has now gone viral with over 700 shares.


The Facebook user who posted the picture, Rosman S Saleh, said that he alerted the food court manager about the incident, and that the people only put the non-halal food away after he did that – but not before calling the user a racist. They only put the pork away after the manager come but still say this bro was racist.

Several users who commented on Rosman’s post said that the patrons were being insensitive to Muslims, and that all they were asking for was a little respect and understanding. They said that non-Muslims who come into a halal food outlet to eat should be aware of such religious food restrictions.

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Facebook user┬áJus Dokter Ayam commenting on Rosman’s post said: “This happened (on a) few occasions,” and that once he informed the food court’s manager who is a Pinoy, and she just talked to them. He suggested that the food court should be boycotted until they fix this problem.

Rosman who responded to this message said that the the manager who confronted the patrons non-halal food on the day of incident was from PRC.
1Others said that the matter should be escalated to MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). Rosman said that he had brought the matter to MUIS as well.

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