Policeman described as “gangster” for acting arrogantly with men he stopped for questioning


Facebook user Regunarth Siva Thyagarajan shared several pictures and videos of a police officer interrogating a few men. Regunarth claimed that the officer acted in an arrogant and intimidating manner before he whipped out his phone to record the incident.

It is unclear when the incident happened but the pictures and video have garnered over 500 shares in just under 9 hours of being posted. Some commenters have speculated that the men were singled out because they had tattoos.


Just in case you can’t see what the user posted, this is what he said:

“So called Police 👮 Inspector of Central Police Station comes and warns me that he will take me out for no apparent reason. We complied to all his requests, he takes it out on one of my boys who was doing his job. This so called inspector waited 2 over hours to get me. So when he couldn’t nail me, he took a cheapest way out. Watch the videos. Thank you. Talking about Gangsters. This chap takes the lead in guess. I have tonnes of witnesses for his arrogance and attitude to deal with citizens of the this nation. Please share and make this guy famous.”