Police track down hit-and-run culprit who leaves injured cyclist in the middle of road, along with car plate


The police have apparently caught the culprit behind a hit-and-run incident that occurred along Nicoll Highway, last Friday.

A bicycle team member was cycling along the road, after crossing Java junction into Nicoll highway, to meet the rest of his team at their meeting point when he was hit from behind by the car. The member, Jorge Thauby, flew a few meters before falling onto the pavement. Shocked and in pain, he waved at the driver to alight and help him, but the driver sped off.

Helpless, the injured Jorge crawled to the side of the road to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic. When he recovered his bicycle, he realised that the license plate of the car that had hit him had become dislodged and was lying beside his bicycle.

Appealing for eyewitnesses to come forward, Jorge – who suffered a broken right elbow, and injuries on both knees and his back – recounted on Facebook:

“On my way to the meeting point with The Cranks, my bicycle team, after crossing Java junction with Nicoll highway I was hit from the back by a car.
“I flew a couple of meters until I reach the pavement. Since it happens from behind, I didn’t have time to be aware of what was going on, and after the initial shock, I realized I was on the floor in the middle of the road.
“The car who hit me was on my side, and I waved the driver asking him for help. He decided to run away, leaving me in the middle of Nicoll highway, helpless and in pain. As I could, I crawled to the side of the road to avoid being run over by other cars, at that point my bicycle was still in the middle of the road, so I decided to come back and get it out. When I did that, I realize that a part of his plate was beside my bicycle. Unfortunately, the first two numbers are missing.
“As consequence of this, my right elbow got broken, both of my knees are injured along with my lower back and an overall pain in the body due to the impact.”

Jorge later updated that the police have apprehended the culprit and that investigations are ongoing:

“The police have found the Car/driver, and the investigation should be over within the next weeks.
“I am still recovering, my elbow hurts, but slowly everything is coming back to normality.
“Through this process, I have received help from many people, some of you that didn’t know me before my accident. I only can say thanks so much.’

PLEASE HELP US FIND THE HIT AND RUN DRIVERDear friends,Last Friday (29th of September) as some of you know I had an…

Posted by Jorge Thauby on Sunday, 1 October 2017


    • I hope karma slaps you in the face for your dumb comment. A hit and run is irresponsible, selfish and evil. Endangering the life of another human being then running away!Poor cyclist.

  1. Again cyclist …. y so much problem …. our pioneeer generation never never had problem till today because they don’t speed .. they cycle … cyclist should ride Nor speed

    • It’s not quite a matter of whether it’s a highway, flyover or whatever and whether the cyclist has the legal rights to be riding there lah. Cyclists should try to avoid fast moving traffic or heavy traffic roads for their own safety.

      It’s just like driving on the road, do you want to insist on your right of way and risk getting into an accident when a driver who doesn’t have the right of way is driving recklessly and depriving you of your right of way? The choice is yours.

    • Rayson Goh Do you know which roads are safe because no reckless drivers will use them?? Driving within speed limits that are higher than usual is very different from reckless driving. If you can “tolerate” [as in not insisting your right of way to] reckless driving by some drivers, then the more drivers should drive more carefully at those perceived more dangerous areas where bicycles are legal to cycle on.
      I am not saying cyclists should not do as you suggest, but there will still be cyclists choosing to ride on these areas, and there is nothing wrong in them doing so. Thus, it is more important for drivers to better understand the legal aspects of it and do what they are licensed to do, driver safely.

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