Police: The “Visible injuries” on body of SCDF NSF were sustained during rescue process and in pump well

Photo: Facebook/Kok Yuen Chin

Obbana Rajah

According to preliminary investigations, some “visible injuries” that were discovered on the body of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) full-time national serviceman (NSF), were sustained while he was in the well and during the rescue process.

CPL Kok Yuen Chin had died after being found unconscious at the bottom of a fire station pump well.

CPL Kok’s aunt, Ms Helen Kok, and his father had told the media that CPL Kok’s body had signs of injury, including cuts on his face and forehead, in particular around his chin and cheeks, as well as two missing teeth.

“The police are aware of media reports stating that there were visible injuries discovered on the late CPL Kok Yuen Chin”, they announced yesterday.

The police also added that, “Preliminary investigation findings from police as well as findings from the pathologist indicate that the injuries were sustained in the well and during the rescue process”.

They also said, “The Police would like to remind the public that investigations are ongoing and public should not speculate. The findings will be made known in due course”.

SCDF NSF dies after “mishap” at fire station pump well; police arrest 2 regulars

Netizens were furious, attributing his death to bullying in hazing rituals.



  1. I would suggest the pump well should be replace with fire hydrant. If the force insist of continue using the pump well, they can change the policies like must have at least a regular escorting the NSF to use it, build a steel ladder in the well, have a steel cover covering the well, maybe only allowing regular SGT and above to use the well, have to draw key and sign log book whenever using the well.

  2. From what I am reading it does appear the SCDF has issues with enforcing discipline among the officers and men. This may be symptoms of other problems within its ranks. Hopefully the COI can go beyond just uncovering what transpired during this incident.

  3. Wait, isn’t this adding insult to injury when they claimed that he sustained these injuries while he was being rescued?

    Either they already know he is beyond rescue or think he’s kenging but both doesn’t reflect well on the organization

  4. You can have the most wonderful SOP, but if people chose to ignore, also no use. I am very disturb when this guy had already tell everyone he cannot swim and everyone knew he cannot swim. Then why is it still forced to jump into the well? Before these questions are answered and those guilty punished, how you can expect a mother to send her beloved sons to serve this country?