Police subdue man after violent struggle in Bendemeer Road


Police officers brought down a man after a violent struggle in the Serangoon area at about 12.40pm today. According to several online reports, the incident happened at the open area between blocks 33 and 34 in Bendemeer Road.

The man put up a violent struggle despite being tasered by a police officer. The man was only subdued after 3 police officers assisted by a civilian tackled him. The stocky man was handcuffed soon after he was brought down.

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Netizens have commented that the incident reminded them of another tussle the police had with an aggressive man earlier this month. Bystanders had to come to the help of the police in that case.

Bystanders come to police officers’ aid as they wrestle with uncontrollable suspect


  1. This is the second case of SPF officers struggling to bring down and subdue an unarmed man. The other was iat AMK a few weeks ago when a few officers were injured. Think for police officers, size count. Many of our officers are of small build, I am quite worry when they need to handle burly looking guys esprcially when they have one too many at the pub. Maybe SPF should into this aspect during their next recruitment exercise.

  2. Our SPF is seriously full of Guniang… they have no trouble putting handcuffs on little kids (go google it) but they always seems to have problem bringing down a lone man (airport,amk) or a group of men (little india)

    I wonder if they will fall if the wind is too strong.

  3. these people know our SPF will not pull out their baton or gun….they know the police won’t hurt them….cos need to write report if they are hurt…lol

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