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Police report made against alleged CNB impersonator who threatened victims to extort money




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Facebook user Jonathon Low has shared that a man by the name of Chris Lee has approached a few of his friends and people he is acquainted with, to borrow money or to get them to invest in various schemes.
Jonathon claimed that Chris would sometimes claim that he is working for a casino boss and at other times that he was an officer from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). He said some of his friends became victims when Chris started threatening them, but he was fortunate to know that Chris was a fraud.
Jonathon said that he usually does not discredit anyone on social media but decided to do so because he felt that he needed to warn others about the man. Jonathon urged those that read his post to re-share it to warn their loved ones.
CNB has responded to such claims of a person (or persons) impersonating its officers and trying to extort money from victims via WhatsApp.
Nothing that the suspect informs WhatsApp users that they “have cases with CNB” then attempts to request for money, CNB ssaid that it will be working with the Singapore Police Force to investigate the incidents.
CNB officers are not allowed to request for any favours in money or in kind, nor to threaten any person to provide monetary favours in order to “facilitate a case”, CNB added.
Those who have received such messages are advised to contact CNB at 1800-325-6666 or email CNB_Feedback@cnb.gov.sg, CNB said.
A police report has been made against Chris Lee.
1These are some of the Whatsapp messages Jonathon released in his Facebook.
3 4 5Jonathon has released 100 over images of such WhatsApp communication and they are viewable here: http://bit.ly/28LSNho.

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