Police investigations ongoing after man was arrested for throwing brick on Parliament House driveway

Photo: Parliament House/YouTube screengrab

On Friday, January 11, in the afternoon, a man was arrested for throwing a brick on the driveway of the main gate of Parliament House. It is not known what the man’s intentions were in throwing the brick, but police said that they will have more details after current investigations.

The police were informed about the brick-throwing man, aged 45, at around 4PM on Friday.

According to their reports, the man drove a vehicle onto the driveway of the main gate of Parliament House and then threw a brick on the driveway before quickly driving away.

Police have also noted that Parliament was not in session at the time of the incident.

Another media source shared this quote from the police – “The incident happened at the driveway outside the secured main gate of the Parliament House.”

Since then, the police arrested the man for charges of criminal trespassing.

There have been photos making its rounds on social media sites showing an alert message that has been sent out to different taxi drivers’ mobile data terminals, warning them to be vigilant and to keep their eyes open for a black Lexus SUV that apparently “drove into” Parliament House.

The mysterious brick-throwing man has been arrested, and as to why he threw the brick, we are yet to find out. The police will have more answers after ongoing investigations are completed.