Police get involved as massive brawl between ITE students erupts outside Simei campus


A video showing a large group of ITE students kicking and punching each other has been circulating online today. Several students in uniform brawled with one another and even appear to involve an ofo bike in the fight while a larger group watched close by.

A portion of the brawl was caught on camera from the opposite side of the road facing ITE College East campus in Simei:

ITE East fight (Crowzero style)

ITE east students fight outside school. Some say they fight coz someone pauto teacher he never do homework. Even OFO bike involved siol..

Posted by Rilek1Corner on Thursday, 25 January 2018

Dr Yek Tiew Ming, the Principal of ITE College East confirmed to reporters today: “The incident took place outside ITE College East. We take a serious view of the matter and do not condone such behaviour.”

He added that the college is investigating the incident and will take proper action against students found flouting school rules.

The police are also involved in the case after a report was lodged. Investigations are ongoing..


  1. Part of growing up! Massive brawl or a single one to one… Let it be! We need these youngsters to know real life lessons. They’ll come to a point where only the intelligent young punks will know when to stop all these brawling when they grow up. So chill aite people.. Nevertheless, peaceful outcome is always the best when dealing with misunderstanding or screwed up situations.

  2. ITE, is it really a pseudonym for It’s The End ? The end to growing up & learning to abide by law & order ? Last year, we saw a student with a knife chasing & slashing another student in the campus proper. Now, early this year we have a gang fight just outside the campus fencing. Is the gang mentality coming back & becoming popular? Are ITE campuses breeding grounds?

  3. When looking down at ITE students is a habit since the olden days… those who look down on others ask yourself this question , Did you pay for his/hers education? So dont stereotype , you will get a sin lesser … pray for them to have a better life and attitude is better than stereotype saying ITs The End for them…