Police arrests 21-year-old who took sportscar for joyride without license and insurance

Facebook page Best Viral Videos shared pictures and video of the police arresting a man for traffic violation in the Joo Chiat area. According to Shin Min Daily News which reported the arrest, the incident happened at about 11.20pm on Monday near Joo Chiat Place.

The police said that they arrested a 21-year-old man at a roadblock along Lorong 101 Changi on Monday (12 Dec) night. According to the Facebook page, the driver of the yellow McLaren car was arrested as he was driving without a licence and had tried to escape after being stopped at the roadblock.

Fadhli Abdullah, an eyewitness of the incident said: “I saw this car speeding, trying to run away from the traffic police and luckily there’s another car that stopped in front of him at the junction as there’s cars passing by. The traffic police then took the opportunity and block this car with his motorbike. Driver resisted to stop the car for a while. The traffic police then forced him to off the engine and get out. The guy didn’t resist and (police) backup arrived in less than a minute.”