Police accused of terrorising women by using battering rams, sledgehammers during brothel raid


Some netizens have accused police officers of terrorising women by using battering rams, saws and sledge hammers during brothel raids.

An alleged eyewitness, Facebook user Vanessa Ho, posted videos of the police cracking down on an unlicensed brothel online and wrote:

“Police raid of an unlicensed brothel. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said they use battering rams and sledgehammers. In fact, I saw that they also used a circular saw and wore balaclavas. As Sherry puts it, “they think of their safety first but not the workers”. The whole area smelled like burning metal for a moment. A huge crowd gathered, adding to the spectacle. And to make matters worse, the media was invited and I got to witness first hand how they make the women pose with their faces to the walls in order to shame them.

“This is what your taxpayers money are put to: groups of armed men terrorizing women.”

Police raid of an unlicensed brothel. I wasn't exaggerating when I said they use battering rams and sledgehammers. In…

Posted by Vanessa Ho on Friday, 8 December 2017

An activist supporting sex worker rights shared the post online and wrote:

“Now dear friends and members of public, look at this and tell me is it right to put the safety of these women at risk for the sake of upholding law? Yes, its their duty. But to such horrifying extend?

“These sex workers are not hooligans that have weapons in their possession or drugs or something serious.

“They choose this as their livelihood. You treated them like humans with no feelings and respect. Now are you happy that fellow human beings are treated like this? I hope tonight you anti sex work can sleep well while these women were ashamed by the media and their rights taken away from them simply because the officers forced them to signed the paper whereas no concrete evidence of soliciting was presented.”

Netizens were divided, with some criticising such action as brutality and others defending the police for doing their duty.


  1. Kekekekekekeke….thats because they are WOMAN maaahhhh….if they are like the Serangoon riot all mens they the first one hide behind bushes dun dare to advance…

  2. Our police dun deserve any respect lah. They only know how to wayang only. Ask them to solve the phone scam lah. They will have tons of excuses. Is this the only unlicensed brothel? Come on lah, there are so many of it. They purposed highlight this case and show some actions. In the end, it only prove our police is incompetent and useless.

  3. Its a fu**ing RAID..lah..what KNOCK the door and say…hulllo hulllo …anyone in..this is the Police..we are conducting a raid..please open the door…plaese please…pretty please…and make sure u all are decently dress hor…WT* And I think this is more anti drug raid..than just a simple whore house raid…

    • We all know it was a raid.
      The question is :
      Do you need to treat your fellow human beings in that manner ?
      Do you think they enjoy being a pros ?
      If they have been cheated to come over and are forced into prostitution is it fair that they should suffer further humiliation ? Come on think like a human being and stop being a f. k. kid.

  4. Police should just be plain clothes partons like their former leadership and profit above public masters not need to bring so much tools except viagra pills & red bull drinks to have to “smooth entry” operation!

  5. Aiyah ! Nothing new lah ! SOP fir spf to do that during raid of illegal den ….such as chap ji kee, 4d, gambling house , druggy Joint, horse betting center …….but now seldom see this type of raid because spf cannot raid those leegalised joints like SP , STC , RWS,MBS, Social Escort Agency, SPA……nahbeh clown prince and his white termite gang are the biggest “legal illeegal entity in this country call Singapore!”

  6. Police is right to wipe out all these illicict Activities. To keep Singapore Clean and Healthy. Close down all orchard Tower illicit shops as Well unlicensed F. Shops at Geylang. Conduct frequently check on Condominiums and HDH areas

  7. Drama rama .. ski masks and all! Where was the bravado, the arrogance during the Little India riot?? Run like rats in the face of real danger! Have no respect for our men in blue.. only ‘garang’ when there is no real danger!

  8. Hello…all the woman in the house know what they are doing here and please dont think they are weak. In chinese that said 不是猛龙,不过江 that mean ONLY THE BRAVE ONE WILL CROSS THE SEA.So as a Singaporean must support our SPF action.

    • If your stupid ancestors did not bravely cross the sea, you think you will be around to cowpeh now and enjoy the fruits of their labour? Have a heart as they provide a service to feed their hungry ones at home just like your stupid ancestors who braved the sea for their economical needs. The police is justified in their action to round them but the brutality of its action is uncalled for.

    • the women got hammered? no
      the women got raped? no
      the women got beaten up?
      what brutality u talking about?

      Nobody will know you are stupid until you talk stupidly.

    • What is the term “…don’t think they are weak ” as Mr Ken Lim has mentioned meant to him ? So these “woman” possess high level of MMA skills or can shoot fire ball at the palms of their hands like Sun Goku or in fact there are hard evidence that these “dangerous” individuals have heavy fire arms ? Of cos they ain’t weak you dumbass, otherwise how to tolerance whole day trying to get a hard on for you ?… hand not tire ah .
      I know it is against the law to shop lift by some young kids but do we have to saw off their hands ? Although some toddler may be describe as “Little Devils” to their parents .

    • Andrew Koh So you are trying to say apart from the things they have condone , there is NO other way ? In the first place , did we ask the police to beg ?……
      How can you prove it was the police the ones to refused entry ?

    • Cristel Lim The term police brutality refers to the use of unnecessary, or excessive force by police officers when handling civilians. Examples of police brutality can include the use of pepper spray, nerve gas, or batons, though it does not have to be physical abuse or attack. This behavior can extend to such actions as pulling a gun on someone in order to intimidate him, or falsely arresting someone. To explore this concept, consider the following police brutality definition. Research suggests that, because police are permitted to use physical force when necessary, it is often difficult to prove that excessive force was used in a particular situation. Verbal abuse is never permitted legally, or by policy, but once again, this is a difficult thing to prove in many cases.

      Civilians have been using their mobile devices to record interactions with police in order to stream instances of what they believe are police brutality online, alerting the public that this kind of behavior is occurring. Similarly, though, police officers have begun recording their interactions with civilians in order to protect themselves from false claims of police brutality.

  9. Why say that they invite the media to shame them? Why don’t u say it is the media who hires the paparazzi to shame these girls? The spf is simply doing their job by raiding the unlicensed brothels. They can’t control the paparazzis to take pictures of these ladies to shame them anyway. Some people just can’t be satisfied. When raids are not done, people complain about too many of these brothels around. When raids are done, the other group still got things to say. Tsk tsk.

  10. Now the independent singapore also talk cock like our ministers liao

    You expect spf be like customer service?
    If our opposition next time wants our spf to be this soft,they wont get my vote.

    I want the lky rules with iron fist.
    Now pap too soft.

    • We always know shop lifting is against the law but do we have to go far to the extend of sawing the hands off ….?
      Iron fist my foot !!!!….

      Wait till you fall victim to the other side of the law and we’re force to strip naked and walk the streets .

      Be careful to what you wish for becos someday it will get back at ya.

    • I’m all for that.

      Our world is becoming softer and softer.

      Hope you or family member don’t encounter any crime by crooks and you expect the police telling you that we can’t arrest that crook because we need to negotiate with him and we have to protect his right.

  11. Nvm, they take so Long to bang break a door, take electric saw to saw a gate, wear mask to cover their ass. This is their job, their service n pride. Why u kpo.

  12. If the occupants had opened the doors themselves, the police would not need to use battering rams, saws and sledge hammers to get in. These are illegal brothels and the police are just doing their job. ‘Terrorising women’…?

  13. So all those who criticise the police thinks we should be more gentle, whilst the foreign women are here working against the law, making money from local men ? Hmm. What logic ?

  14. Thanos invade the world. Avengers defend the world. Thanos lose. Avenger almost killing Thanos. Vanesa and the strawberry generation come and shout dont kill Thanos. human/alien right. Avenger stop. Thanos stand up and kill everyone. the last person Thanos kill is Vanesa. Vanesa say with a smile and say its your right to kill. Human extinct.

  15. It’s because you pay tax dollars that’s why they do it lah! Imagine if they just knock and arrest – where got impressive?!

    Like this you’ll feel you’re getting your money’s worth!

  16. Don’t talk clock pls. U expect the members of the secret society inside the joint to be friendly to the police? You must be an alien to think so. Knn, police doing their job to keep Singapore safe, don’t be a jerk and write such nonsense The Independent Singapore

  17. They are well known for handcuffing kids , bully wheelchair bounded tissue selling elderly and now women ?…..what next ?

    Are they going to activate army tanks to raid gambling dens next time since we are talking about criminals whom may be armed and dangerous

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