PMO allegedly polls civil servants on Lee family dispute


The Prime Minister’s office (PMO) has come under fire today for allegedly polling civil servants on the ongoing Lee family dispute and their opinions on whether the saga has cast aspersions on the name of public institutions.

Facebook user Leslie Chew claims that someone sent him the following screenshots of an online poll and email that is allegedly from the PMO. One of the questions captured on the screenshot suggests that the PMO is trying to ascertain whether public service officers themselves have begun to doubt the integrity of public institutions, following the dispute going public.

In his post, Leslie, a cartoonist, questioned: “Is it not an abuse of public resources for the PM to use the PMO to conduct the poll? If the PM wants some opinion about his family matters, shouldn’t he be using his own money to hire professional survey firms to conduct the poll instead of abusing taxpayers funded resources like this?

“Is it not a waste of taxpayers’ monies paid to civil/public servants to be spending their working time participating in polls of the PM’s personal & private family matter instead of using the said time doing the actual job they are paid for – serving the people?”

In just an hour since being uploaded, Leslie’s post has been widely shared with many commentators slamming the government for allegedly expending its resources into resolving this family matter.


  1. Sibei funny lol, just like our ICT surveys. Last time some joker go feedback ICT chobo, wayang and waste of time until our UNIT jam-packed our training program and can no longer can go home at 3pm 🙁

    Nowadays everyone just tick 5 for all questions (Y)

    • Exactly. It’s all for wayang. That’s how the army works headed by paper useless general. Now They put them in charge of mrt, confirm mrt kept breaking down cos they just wayang only

  2. The best of ownself check ownself yet. It’s as good as commuting murder and do a poll in own family to see if you will go to jail.

  3. Many of us either knew or heard of civil service people are scared like shit if they don’t vote for PAP…
    To me, this bloody survey is a warning light…..

  4. Must be very desperate ah! The whole world is looking. Don’t make a fool of your self please!!! You can fool the 70% local population but not the international community. !!!

    • I will not say ….the international community know it…..its heard only in the far east n mostly like Asia areas. But in the west, Canada and USA you hardly hear anything about Singapore from the media. I get most of the news thru facebook, friends and news

  5. Desperate time calls for desperate measures! Very silly but then they are not very smart. Only need to manipulate the electoral boundaries and give handouts before elections.

  6. PAP always ask SUITABLE & CONVENIENT questions in order to receive SUITABLE & CONVENIENT answers. PAP were and will never be PRACTICAL & REALISTIC.

  7. These ministers are too afraid to speak for Singaporean and as they know what boss are capable of, even his own siblings are not been spare. That’s the problem of Administration, Police and Army under the control of One Person Only. No one can or dare question their boss, they can see the consequences.

  8. As a civil servant, don’t you fear they can single out who you are if you gave negative feedbacks in such poll? Hence can double confirm triple confirm that poll results will skew favourably to the party because all cover backside. Just like ST “100 Sporean” poll.

  9. The executive branch is now interfering with the admin branches! That’s obviously another form of abusive power and big bro tactic……..

  10. We need a change of leaders urgently. Leaders of high intergrity and competency like GOH KENG SWEE, S RAJARATNAM, E W BAKER, TOH CHIN CHYE, OTHMAN WOK, YUSOK ISHAK, ONG PANG BOON, JEK YUEN TONG, right down to DHANABALAN and PHILIP YEO and many more that I cant remember. All these were/are high quality leaders who held our nation and its people in their hearts.

  11. What is the point of voting all the PAP MPs and Ministers who only know how to support the PM even when he had done something wrong. They only used their backsides to think out all the shit reasons to support him and only used their brains to think of the $ for their pockets and families.

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