PM Lee’s younger brother accuses him of attempting to cover-up abuse of power in Parliament


Mr Lee Hsien Yang has said that Parliament may not be the right forum to clear-up the allegations he and his older sister have made against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. In voicing his serious concerns, he accused PM Lee of attempting to cover-up and whitewash himself in Parliament on July 3.

The Executors of Lee Kuan Yew’s will, who are also the siblings of PM Lee, have made serious accusations against the Prime Minister. The PM has dismissed their accusations as mostly untrue and said that he would comprehensively answer the charges against him in Parliament next week.

Mr Lee said that the PM attempting to clear his name in a House filled by his subordinates is yet another example of his misuse of his position and influence to drive his personal agenda.

Mr Lee also pointed out how several of PM Lee’s subordinates have backed him up even before the parliamentary session and said that many Members of Parliament will will fear career repercussions if they speak out against their superior.

We have serious concerns with Lee Hsien Loong’s attempt to cover-up and whitewash himself in Parliament on 3 July 2017. …

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Thursday, 29 June 2017

“Historically, few PAP MPs have dared to dissent even when the party whip was lifted,” he added.

Mr Lee suggested that the Parliament may not be the right forum to investigate and address the accusations against PM Lee because the MPs lack both sufficient background and evidence of the numerous instances of abuse and conflicts of interest.

“There will be no opportunity or adequate time for evidence to be properly drawn together, placed before Parliament, and considered. Nor will there be any opportunity for an examining body to properly probe explanations or excuses.”

Mr Lee said that he had further evidences of abuse and conflicts of interest by the Prime Minister which he had not raised yet. Mr Lee believes that the key issue of abuse of power by the PM will be simply swept under the carpet, because the “accused controls both process and outcome in this forum.”

Mr Lee said that both his sister and him had no confidence that a fair, transparent or complete account of events will be told in Parliament, and that PM Lee would continue to mislead or insinuate under Parliamentary privilege.

94 percent of 349 respondents who took our recent straw poll on the topic felt that Parliament is not the right platform to properly address the accusations against PM Lee.

94 percent of readers think parliament is not the right platform to address serious accusations against PM Lee by his siblings


  1. Dear Loong,Yang and Ling…When a great man gives his life to his country..Everything he possess becomes a legacy for the country..Every country are proud of their history..Your father’s house has become part of history..the past and the present of Singapore was created will be a pilgrimage for all future the small wooden house of Ho Chi Minh..which is a legacy for Vietnam…

    • When a leader is very old..he will make some senile decisions and wills..the State will taken over all the legacies from him in the best interest of past, present and future citizens..

    • LMAO ! Take two world renowned leader like Mao and Uncle Ho to compare with an ordinary dictator that can be found in every continent.

    • Tan Toa Hock Everything also must copy or follow other country and it is always done selectively. Want to compare with Ho Chih Min and China? Take the same pay as them. Dont give any excuses. We are Singapore. We make our own decision, walk our own path , create our history for other countries to look up to.

    • How n what do you ascertain as in the best interest of the public.?..Oh yeah…anything n everything else here has and must be decided for us all is it.Why not dare to make n conduct a fair INDEPENDENT n transparent poll for the public to decide now.People are capable of thinking n making their own decisions too.After all they did conduct a secret poll test survey for all civil servants ..right ?

    • @ Tan Toa Hock : PM LHL and his siblings Wei Ling and Hsien Yang grew up in 38 Oxley Road. The late LKY left specific instructions in his will. Furthermore, this is a matter to be settled privately or through the courts. Why Parliament? And, with a Ministerial Committee using taxpayers’ money! This will never happen in genuine First World nations. The PAP is blatantly abusing their power. LKY was lucid when he said what he wanted and then confirmed his intentions in his will. It is Criminal to use taxpayers’ money for private purposes! Are you allowed to use your company’s resources to do your personal things??? Exactly what PM LHL is doing using taxpayers’ money for his own private matter. He will WIN for SURE. But, his reputation and character will forever be tainted. Most Singaporeans object to the Ministerial Committee and have said clearly that it is NOT for the ministers to adjudicate on 38 Oxley Road. Right call!

  2. Its not the matter of the PM’s accusations that he wants to deal in Palaiment it’s about his name that he wants to clear in Palaiment so its about his honesty and his integrity .

  3. If LKY were to govern Malaysia, do you think he can make Malaysia same as Singapore? He was lucky during his era to be able to study law overseas and Singapore is such a small country to govern.

  4. Since when did pap govt is so concern for Singapore’s national heritage and historical buildings? The old Raffles Institution or now renamed CHIMES had half portion demolished to make way for SMRT headquarter. A beautiful historical princess turned into an ugly frog. Then we have the old colonial time bulit markets at Tekka and Tiong Bahru was not spared. All the historical buildings along Collyer Quay and Shenton Way was demolished except Fullerton Buildings where the old General Post Office was situated. All the buildings was replaced with new skyscrapers in order to justified the title awarded to the old man as the “founder of modern Singapore from a fishing village”. The 38 Oxley Road house cannot compare to the old National Library. Hundreds of thousands Singaporeans have visited the old National Library and have a feeling for this historical building but only a few hundreds is familiar LKY not his house. This particular house is out-of-bound to ordinary people except invited guests mostly the rich and famous. Who are they kidding when they mentioned this house is concerning Singaporeans heritage. Lee Hsien Loong said he had sold the house to Lee Hsien Yang at market valuation price. Which means the house belongs to Lee Hsien Yang. As the owner he have very right to do what he want to do with the house. Why a ministerial committee was formed to discuss about the house when it is none of outsiders business.

  5. I think his wife who is not an elected official holds more power than him. And it is his wife who creates problems for him.

  6. It is crystal clear: PM LHL is abusing his power. Using this ludicrous Ministerial Committee to resolve his family property dispute. This is NOT a National issue. It is criminal to use taxpayers’ money inappropriately. PM LHL stands condemned!

  7. Any difference? You can get 100% as well. Does it mean they are right and LHL is wrong? Never forget that he was elected with a near 70% mandate! Fighting on FB is never the solution! Take up the squabble in court and in camera. Washing family’s dirty linen is never going to solve the problem. If still not happy, form an alternative political party and fight for votes in the next election using this squabble as the agenda! Don’t waste everybody’s time!

  8. When top 3 premier league teams play at home against division 1 or 2 teams. Guess the outcome.
    Though there’re huge handicap. At least play on neutral ground to be fair

  9. The most honorable thing to settle this matter…DISSOLVED Parliament…call a SNAP Election and let the Nation decide….START legal proceedings with the property.

  10. of cos the whole process of addressing the issue through parliament is the most nonsensical thing! Pm Looney is abusing his authority in doin so! Period!

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