PM Lee’s claim is a ‘lie’ says Hsien Yang


Referring to parts of PM Lee’s statement to the media yesterday, his younger brother Lee Hsien Yang said that it is a “lie”. In a note he released to the media, PM Lee Hsien Loong said: “my siblings had not responded to the Committee’s questions about how the last will was prepared and ‘the role that Mrs Lee Suet Fern and lawyers from her legal firm played in preparing the Last Will’.”

PM Lee claims that he had “serious questions” about Lee Kuan Yew’s Will

The younger Lee claimed that this is a “lie” because they replied to the Committee on 28 February, but that the “secret committee” ignored it. They had replied to the Committee saying: “The Final Will was not drafted by Stamford Law Corporation or Mr. Ng Joo Khin and LHL’s claimed recollection to that effect is clearly erroneous.”

In referring to PM Lee’s first response to his siblings’ allegations, Mr Yang asked, “we thought this was a “private family matter?””.

PM Lee also said in his first response that he will consider the matter further after he returns to Singapore this weekend. It is unclear if he would sue his siblings for defaming him.

This is not the first time PM Lee’s siblings challenged him. In April last year, Dr Lee Wei Ling called her elder brother a “dishonorable son” and alleged that he abused his power. PM Lee dismissed her allegations as being “completely untrue”, but he did not sue for defamation.

In 1999, Asiaweek in publishing an interview with Singapore’s former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, quoted him saying why it was important for Cabinet Ministers to sue those that defamed them, and that those that don’t sue must leave the Cabinet.

“Political opponents, so long as they keep within the law, don’t need safeguards. They do not have to appear before the judiciary. But if they’ve defamed us, we have to sue them — because if we don’t, our own integrity will be suspect. We have an understanding that if a minister is defamed and he does not sue, he must leave cabinet. By defamation, I mean if somebody says the minister is on the take or is less than honest. If he does not rebut it, if he does not dare go before the court to be interrogated by the counsel for the other side, there must be some truth in it. If there is no evidence, well, why are you not suing?” (Source: Asiaweek)

It is unclear if the “understanding” among the Cabinet Ministers of Mr Goh’s era still stands in PM Lee’s. But in 2014, PM Lee sued blogger Roy Ngerng for making “false and baseless allegation” which constituted a very serious libel against him, disparaged him and impugned his character, credit and integrity.


  1. Brilliant. This put the bastard in a lose-lose-lose situation. Sue the siblings and then be denounced by the public as a ruthless Monster who would even bring his own flesh and blood to court. Plus this would further inflame the situation. Don’t sue and be asked to leave cabinet as there would be lingering suspicions of his integrity according to GCT’s pronouncement. Defend himself but don’t sue will lead to him having to publicly denounced this statement by GCT. It would show a party in disarray as the top leaders can’t even agree with each other. Popcorn time hahaha!!

  2. The feud has been going for a few days which I find it not meaningful at all.
    During this feud, all of the siblings have their own stands and fighting for their rights.. everyone will be the loser in the end..
    Everything should be back to the basics .. remembering the times the parents nurturing us, playing with us and having the wonderful time with us.. and the withstanding family spirit-united we stand and supporting each other in the blue times..

    I am parent. I will be weeping if I see my children becoming divided.. Nothing in this world is as important as the close kinships you have in this life..

    Do treasure family relationships..

    • The Lees have very GOOD elitist genes. Everyone’s wanted to excel. If anyone if them is being denied of his capability they rather perish together. LKY didn’t show them how to 修心 because he is also flawed. Karma. End of the Lee but new hope for the nation.

    • If we all think the LHL is pushing his siblings to a corner ??

      Even among our own family we have differing opinions but to go public means they have had it… got it???

  3. We can definitely draw a conclusion from this saga.

    Majority of the WOMEN in Singapore are Stupid and Ignorant about world affairs, just look at all their comments, it’s no wonder they are called emotional creatures.

  4. KARMA will eventually find its way…Never never the late LeeKY ever thought of his own children become enemies n may end up in court case publicing throught out the world.
    本是同根生…need to go to this extend.

  5. The younger Mr Lee and Ms Lee are the executors of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s will. They said in the statement that PM Lee was removed as executor in 2011. Beware.
    The joint statement also said that the younger Mr Lee was leaving Singapore “for the foreseeable future” and “against his desires” because there was a fear that organs of state would be used against him, his wife Mrs Lee Suet Fern, and Ms Lee. Beware?
    Lord Pannick has advised that he disagrees with the AG’s advice, and that section 22 Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 6 of 2017 as it stands is unconstitutional. Beware?
    From unlikely to find someone that can challenge Tan Cheng Bock, to Tan Cheng Bock cannot even be a candidate. Beware?
    From Wee Kim Wee is simply and clearly not an Elected President, period.
    To bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, … Wee Kim Wee … Elected President. Beware?
    We question whether able leaders with independent political legitimacy will be sidelined to ensure Hsien Loong’s grip on power remains unchallenged.
    We see many upright leaders of quality and integrity throughout the public service, but they are constrained by Hsien Loong’s misuse of power at the very top.
    Explaining why Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam is not PM?
    If PM can misuse his official power to abuse his siblings who can fight back, what else can he do to ordinary citizens.
    Do Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang look like ‘someone you can easily abuse’?
    It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” Agree.
    Is this comment allowed?
    Some comments are not allowed in TodayOnline?

  6. Dont be surprise…. Despite knowing everything….the 70% Singaporeans will still make the same votes out of fear and selfishness in the next election. I think and believe the social media has flooded enough dirt on the leaders…. But yet nothing has changed… I think the focus should be on the 70% singaooreans who are so afraid of change. So afraid that they’ll not get a job promotion, spouses pr approval, kids kindergarten enrollment,etc. Have they stop to think that if there is a change then they can stop having these fears? Which nobody should ever have in a “democratic” country.

  7. Just watch the Lee dynasty saga and dirty things they do . We can comment Abd laugh but not opposition to make any . Taiwan Drama , still have more to dig out .

  8. What right ? All the family member is a billionaire. This just a “smoke bomb” the main menu is KY assets ! Billionaire and want more only .

  9. LhL time to step down. Your familee is the wealthiest in sg. U will have a life of access till you die an your children n children’s children will have more than enough to live on till the end of time confortably. Maybe its time to think about Karma and do the right thing by heart. Do u wanna kwnna cancer a 3rd time knowing that the shit u did will eventually come back to haunt u n family for sure. Heed my advise, step down and let singapore go forward and release all your skeleton in your closet to get real peace.

  10. What show to enjoy here!!question.,what will The end result be….Will it boost the economy? In what way this is fun to see… addition to Sing dollars taking the plunging effect … is that entertainment for some here .Smh
    For goodness sake and for the ppl,pls resolve it quickly behind close door.

  11. Put the money for charity funds as many medical institutions and cancer society need funds for rehabilitation and traditional Chinese herbs
    Do not waste money engaging international lawyers like Lord Panicky but please sell the house and donate to charity non profit organization using the name of LKY!
    Let his name be remembered by all the sick and suffering
    Dr Goh Keng Swee did donate to charity as I saw his good name in 1998 while I was a caregiver to my beloved mother !
    Since all the children of LKY is already very rich, then for the sake of LKY, please use the names of LKY and Kwa Geok Choo to donate to charity organization in Singapore to bring peace and joy to the sick and suffering citizens!
    Money and power will not last as all of us are pilgrims on planet earth, but doing charity works to get a good name will last and be remembered by many generations

  12. Total loss for the Mr LKY and the Lee Family regardless of whoever wins in the end. This is just a family squabble turned national mud slinging and distracted the attention of Singaporeans from more important national and economic issues. Such a waste of everybody’s time.

  13. Every ‘great’ man there is a ‘powderful’ woman behind. This saga is “oil” added on a fire by the Mrs. Lee at the back. I am disappointed and shy as a Singaporean.

  14. So far the Lees have done well. Why must they quit? It’s a heavy responsibilities mind you. One that the Lees have honed throughout the years of service and one that MM Lee shouldered his whole life. MM Lee passed the responsibilities to PM Lee. That itself is an example shown.

    As the longer the civilisation exists, the more advanced it gets as all can see, we humans have advanced thru the ages so does Singapore.

    You want to have a greenhorn and restart the whole thing?

    It is like saying it’s better an astroid hits the Earth, destroys everything and start from stone/ice age.
    They the Lees have done well and their contributions to Singapore is immeasurable. They also have the calibre, experience, connections and most importantly the determination to see Singapore’s continued success. Their’s presence ensures stability and continued growth.

    Can you as a lawyer then ceased to be a lawyer? Or your son can’t be a lawyer? Or Jack Ma should quit Alibaba Group? Logical?

  15. Too greedy for Power n money. He change rules n constitutions to make sure he stay in Power. And all his ball kickers Karma is really a Bitch. Slowly Bt surely it’s knocking on ur doors. Sueing the oppositions is the only way to keep all quiet

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