PM Lee says living in Singapore is affordable, while Singaporeans gripe about not being able to afford raising children

Photo: YouTube screengrab

During his National Day speech this year, Prime Minister spoke about costs of living in Singapore and how the Government manages costs of living for its people.

Delivering his speech, he said, “Kampung Admiralty is an example of what the Government is doing to transform education, healthcare and housing to improve the lives of Singaporeans”.

Continuing, he added, “When people express concern over the cost of living, these are three significant items they worry about.”

On top of those concerns, Singaporeans also seem to worry about rising food costs, and how expensive it is to raise children. Many also expressed that there was hardly sufficient help granted to new parents.

A Facebook post shared on the page All Singaporeans Stuff was from a netizen who found it rather hard to keep up with the costs of milk powder, adding that five tins cost S$283, and these were not even high-end brands.

And they ask us to have more children. Where got money nowadays?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Sunday, 12 August 2018

That netizen also brought up the issue of how since the cost of raising a child was already high, that it acted as a deterrent for families wanting to have children.

Many others shared similar sentiments with regards to this issue.

According to PM Lee, the Government ensures that “key public services are both of high quality and affordable for all Singaporeans, rich or poor”.

He also said that by focusing on these issues was “how we’ve helped families to manage their cost of living, and given an extra hand to those who need it. For more than five decades, this approach has worked well.”

However, issues such as education, healthcare and housing make up just the tip of the iceberg, with other smaller, but specific areas of help different groups of Singaporeans need help in.