PM Lee is getting his Ministers to insult Lee Kuan Yew claims Hsien Yang


Lee Kuan Yew’s younger son has again taken to Facebook to say that “Lee Hsien Loong is now getting his ministers to repeat his insinuations that Lee Kuan Yew did not understand his own will.”

He added that PM Lee’s Ministers are arguing that Lee Kuan Yew, a Cambridge-educated lawyer and sitting MP, signed his own will without knowing what was in it.

Mr Lee took offence that they are claiming that he initialed beneath the demolition clause, without understanding what it meant in plain English.

“This is an insult to a great man,” Mr Lee said.

Mr Lee’s comments came after Senior Minister of State Indranee Rajah said in a Facebook post that under Singapore’s law, the lawyer drafting a will is required to be independent. If the lawyer has an interest in the will, the lawyer must make sure the person making the will gets independent advice, she said.

In her post, Ms Rajah also pointed to a Facebook post by Mr Lee on June 17 which claimed his father gave “express instructions” that his final will made in 2013 will be a reversion to his first one of 2011.

“On the basis of this instruction, we took what we understood to be the final version of the 2011 will, without realising that a gift over clause had been in the executed version of the 2011 will,” Mr Lee said.

Ms Rajah pointed out that Mr Lee has not specified who “we” referred to in his post and said, “if the lawyer referred to in ‘we’ is Mrs Lee Suet Fern (Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s wife), then certain questions will arise.”

Mr Lee asserted in his latest Facebook post that the 2013 will was no more than a reversion to the 2011 will on Lee Kuan Yew’s instructions.

“Probate has been granted on Lee Kuan Yew’s will, so it is final and legally binding,” he said.

He added that the proper place for his brother to challenge his father’s will was in court.

LKY's Final Will

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Friday, 16 June 2017

In response to media queries on the will:

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Friday, 16 June 2017


  1. Why only 2 of his 3 children r the executors of his Will ? Why not even a millionaire minister dare to come out to be a peacemaker in the private family quarrel of the Lee Dynasty ? Beware PM ! Ur father will get up from his grave anytime to cane u & ur wife for loosing his face in the democratic world ! !

  2. I wondered why is our Dear PM asking all their Generals to speak up on his Behalf? I am damm sure…. non of his staff dare to speak up without their boss’s approval !why can wait till 3rd July as he have mentioned in his video ? What is he trying to prove ?

  3. Now that the old man is dead, they trampled over his ashes. Will they fight to liberate Singapore, should the day comes when it is taken over by outsiders ?

    • Platform to deliver a one sided story. Had the opposition gathered enough fact to probe further? If not then is predictable Q&A session. Won’t watch even if live telecast

  4. 世上没有无问题的家庭,有多少个家庭,就有多少种家庭问题。but hope father Lee children please end it as you guys going to destroy the great history and all SG will be very sad for our Great SG men

  5. The neighbors have been hoping all those 52 years that finally the house will be pulled down and the cap on the plot ratio of the area lifted raising the value of their property. The Old Man had been feeling very bad all those years. Only the son did not understand.

  6. Vote of no confidence to this govt. all too corrupted. Nothing good will come to the people of singapore if we do not drop their seats in parliament. Any opposition is anytime better than a corrupted govt.

  7. How does Indiranee Rajah, an outsider, knows such detailed interpretation of LKY’s will? This being a family matter, the PM should be the one to refute what his sibiling said? No? Why should PM use his ministers to fight for him? The last I checked, it still is a family matter, no?

  8. private matters should remain private. dont get all the weighing in of ministers and parliament … lines should not be crossed beteeen the private and the political.

  9. Ms Rajah are you claiming and insulting LKY knowledge of Law. You may still be drinking milk when He used his professionals knowledge to build Singapore.

  10. There’s a fight between 2 brothers and 1 sister, then the losing one calls his gang members into the house to hantam his own brother and sister! Eh hello Singaporeans – you voted for the right PM or not?

  11. 政權過不了三代!因為你把政權交給沒有正義感的太子黨!是否意味著報應?人間蒸發家變,地下也有很多官司案件在黃法官的高等法院要判决!忙著不能如前答應過要上來处理這些國/家事!不要以為會聽話的百萬富豪部長會解決一切爭端,使得國家有臉見光?等着看吧!

  12. It looks like the Ministerial Committee will be the one doing the evil and dirty works of the dishonourable son. EVIL because the taxpayers and citizens, the REAL Owners of Singapore have been screwed over by these scoundrels sitting on the Ministerial Committee who will SURELY rule in favour of PM LHL. Money talks! That’s what it is ALL about. The millionaire ministers including The Disgraceful Grace Fu are NOT people with sincerity and conviction. Given Power and then legally corrupted by the PAP with millions in salaries how will these low lives be speaking for The PEOPLE? I speak for myself and I will stand alone if I must. Unafraid to die because I’m already 65! But, the young people of Singapore, It is your FUTURE on the line! This note is NOT about 38 Oxley Road alone. PM LHL must pay from his pockets and not abuse his power AGAIN by using OUR MONEY to gratify himself in his family property dispute. PM LHL, You are a DISGRACE! Why drag us into your family issue??? And, you still believe that you are a natural aristocrat??? Please, don’t be stupid! The World is laughing at Singapore. If you have any moral scruple left stop this NONSENSE immediately and get going to fix the problems/difficulties that more and more Singaporeans are experiencing now. The First Step: Disband the Sungei Road Ministers you have appointed on the Ministerial Committee. Pay for all expenses already incurred and publicly say so. NOT least please look seriously into helping the Sungei Road Traders who will be losing their livelihood. This is the REAL issue. The house at 38 Oxley Road is NONE of our business!

  13. I consider the late Tengku Abdul Rahman very smart. His descendants abstained from politics knowing what it is. So his records as a Prime Minister and Father of Malaysia is intact. But not his successor Tun Abdul Razak. His son went in and subsequent became PM. Everyone can see what is happening now. Same with the Ghandis of India. Now the Congress Party has been rejected by the voters.

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