PM Lee imagines Lee Kuan Yew’s voice in his head?


In an extensive interview to CNBC ahead of his trip to the USA, Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong, said that the voice of Lee Kuan Yew can be imagined in their heads. Mr Lee Kuan Yew is the father of PM Lee and the first Prime Minister of Singapore. PM Lee’s trip to the USA is his first since the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of Singapore.

In his speech Mr Lee also said that his father’s old speeches are often read to check if his worldviews are still relevant in the present, and find that they are.

“(Christine Tan) CT: It’s been more than two years since your father, the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, passed away. What’s life like, for you, post Lee Kuan Yew?

PM Lee: Well. Life goes on. I think Mr. Lee prepared well for the day when he would not be here, and he made sure that Singapore would be able to go on without him. He handed over as Prime Minister in 1990. 25 years before he died. So I think we miss him, we think of him often, we read his old speeches and we say, “well, that’s still relevant to us today.” The way he puts it still has a ring to it. At the same time, we have to build on that and move forward, because if we just remained with what he had imagined and what he had done and nothing more, I think he’d have been very disappointed.

CT: If he were alive today, what advice do you think he would have given you?

PM Lee: I think he would have said, “Press on, move on. Don’t be looking at the rear view mirror. Remember what has happened, understand how you got here, but look forward and press forward.”

CT: You can hear his voice in your head?

PM Lee: (laughs) Yes, we can imagine that.”

Earlier in the year, Dr Lee Wei Ling, the younger sister of PM Lee had alleged that her brother was attempting to build a “Lee family cult”. PM Lee has refuted her allegations.

Lee Wei Ling calls Lee Hsien Loong “bad PM” and “dishonourable son” attempting to build a “Lee family cult”

Read the full transcript of PM Lee’s interview here: CNBC Transcript: Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore


  1. Little boy Pinky still hasn’t stop weaning despite having all those white hairs… still ever so dependent on his father. How insecure must be he be of his own competence if he have to leverage his old man’s name every now and then.

  2. Lhl can hear LKY, but why don’t lhl follow what LKY say?..

    The recent bad relationship with PRC is a very good example. If LKY around or George Yeo is the foreign minister. This will not happened. We are left out high n try from PRC’s ‘one road one ‘

    Vivian, not suitable as foreign minister. He better move over, let a suitable person take the job. With international touch. Well aware of the changing world today n everyday.

  3. Very very scary …. this present team of ministers and MPs have excellent extra-talent …. some could know what the late LKY would want to do with Oxley house , some blame bad luck for things going wrong , and now , a PM that regularly says he ‘hopes’ (hocus pocus ???) says he can hear voices …. (isn’t aka hallucinations )

  4. Crying papa Old Satan LKY help me.
    Old Satan LKY replied, “ Satan LHL, Pets And leachers come to Hell Basement 44. It’s not fair I am suffering alone. Come, Come…..”

  5. The dead will not speak to him!
    If he claims that he hears the voice of LKY, then he need to go for spiritual deliverance as he is demonised by familiar spirit!
    When deliverance doesn’t help, then for sure he has mental illness known as schizophrenia whereby he hear voices that we do not hear !
    In this scenario, he should be treated by psychiatrist !
    Dr Lee Wei Ling will agree with me that her brother need psychiatrist to help him to communicate with them

  6. Seriously as a PM n man of scholastic standard, i always wonder where he gets all the “fabulous analogies n theories”? Wow lotsa interesting stuffs brewing in his brain.

  7. He is merely leveraging on his father’s name sake. In the next coming GE, we will see and hear more of that to remind Singaporean voters what LKY had done to build this country.

  8. Yes yes yes. I hear that too. You see kui kia. Tell you to follow instruction and you don’t. Want to sue my other children? Don’t follow my will. Tsk tsk tsk.

  9. Still can’t stand on his own two feet. Still banking on the ideas, words and what not of his lao peh. Worst, hearing voices of his dead lao peh. There is something really,really wrong here, we should think his head needs to be checked just like what he did to Amos. Probably a wire has short circuited somewhere. Imh, please do your job. This dot definitely is in big, big trouble with someone like this. Mampos….

  10. Weird pinky, should tell the interviewer off! Instead of getting annoyed for the rude question, he “laughs”! His reply is more ridiculous than the question. Yes, “we” can imagine that! Where on earth he plucked the “we” from ? The question is targeting on “him” not “they”. What’s wrong with this pinky ?

  11. Drama king. No wonder all his doggies have also taken up acting and wayang. Painfully embarrassed to hear some of the things he said. But hey, what’s new??

  12. Since he went down 2 years ago, he is busy fighting his many cases with his opponents who were imprisoned or kicked out by him from Sg b4 the honorable CJ Wee ! Now with the old saying of 有其父必有其子, 李小龙 is following his arrogant footsteps in abuses his power to prosecute his opponents now ! Even to his same blood siblings in his own Court & parliament !?!

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