Plane skids, crashes and bursts into flames at Changi Airport – Flights delayed


A plane crash caused flights in and out of Changi Airport to be delayed this (6 Feb)  afternoon. The aircraft which skidded and crashed into the grass verge at the side of Changi’s Runway 1 is part of the South Korean aerobatic team participating in the Singapore Airshow.

In the incident which happened at about 1.24pm, the single-seater T-50 Golden Eagle plane caught fire but the pilot from the Republic of Korea Air Force’s Black Eagles team managed to escape with light injuries.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said that the incident happened when the aircraft was taking off for a flying display as part of the programme at the Airshow.

“Airport Emergency Service responded to the incident immediately and the fire was extinguished. The pilot sustained light injuries and is being treated. Runway 1 will be closed until further notice,” CAAS added.

Changi Airport’s tweet said that the delays from the airport is expected to last over the next few hours. Passengers were advised to check the latest flight info online or in the iChangi app.

It assured passengers that their customer service teams are on ground to provide assistance if needed.

Videos circulating in social media showed the plane skidding, crashing and bursting into flames.

The T-50 aircraft is a supersonic advanced trainer and light combat aircraft developed indigenously in South Korea by the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) with Lockheed Martin.