PJ Thum People’s Choice for NMP in Online Poll


Obbana Rajah

In an online poll done earlier this month here at The Independent Singapore, PJ Thum was chosen as the best candidate to be a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

Along with PJ, the other contenders were: Drag queen and comedian Kumar, cartoonist Sonny Liew, Sumiko Tan, Blogger Xiaxue, Dipna Lim Prasad and Gurmit Singh.

Historian and research associate PJ Thum received 84% out of the 372 people polled.

Comedian Kumar came in second with 6% and 24 votes.

Netizens chimed in as well, but most of their comments seemed to be in jest.


The poll was conducted in an earlier article:

Why Not PJ Thum for NMP?


  1. For what be an NMP. So Long as you except some form of salary from this Garmen, you are screwed. He’s free and very knowledgeable to say things and choose his battles carefully and be a voice from The wilderness. The world respects you and what you say PJ. You have great leadership qualities. Thank you

  2. Don’t waste this man for NMP (Not My Problem). He is after all a historian, he should go where and what he does best. Don’t just because he is popular now over the DOF saga and he can even be a PM. Singaporeans stopping thinking like a cucumber.

    And for sure, if he ever becomes NMP, he will be forgotten and gradually disappeared. Activist can do a lot more outside a bird cage.