Picture of Sr Cecily and two others shows what Singapore has to be grateful for


Facebook user Soh Chin Ong shared a picture of three women sitting side-by-side in the MRT, and commenters on the post are going ga-ga over it – about how it is a representation of tolerance in our multiracial Singapore. Soh captioned the picture: “I hate to state the obvious but let’s be grateful that we have this, and mindful that this is a precious thing.”

Commenters also quickly identified the woman sitting in-between the others as Sr Cecily. Sr. Cecily Pavri was the last Canossian nun to lead the St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School. She is a well-liked biology teacher.

picture credit: MOE
picture credit: MOE

Others pointed out how the woman sitting on the right with the “I love Singapore” bag summed it all up.