Featured News Photo of Indian workers and their luggage filling up entire MRT carriage...

Photo of Indian workers and their luggage filling up entire MRT carriage goes viral, netizens say, “at least they didnt commute during peak hours”




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A photo shared online of a group of foreign workers and their luggage filling up an entire cabin onboard a MRT train has gone viral. However, contrary to negative reactions that one might expect, Singaporeans thanked these men for their contributions to the country.

The photo shared on Thursday by netizen Bruce Wee received 963 reactions and almost 200 comments.


In the photo, a group of Indian workers can be seen occupying all the seats on an MRT train cabin, presumably either going to the airport or coming from the airport, as they have all of their luggage with them.

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The photo invoked many positive and heartfelt reactions from Singaporeans, who felt that without these workers, the menial jobs would not get done, and that people should be thankful for them.

Others also expressed the sentiments that they were grateful to these workers because unlike skilled workers who sought out jobs for graduates, these workers were just “doing hard labour [and] earning [a] decent living”.

Ironically, and rather selectively, others also said that it was alright for them to take the train as “At least they didnt commute during peak hours”.

Some netizens found fault in the way that the luggage was arranged, saying that their bags blocked access to the exits.



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