Photo of elderly lady mopping MRT station leads to questions about quality of life after retirement

Photo: Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

A photo shared on Facebook of an elderly lady pushing a bucket of cleaning supplies has led to many questions being raised about the quality life of older people after they retire.

The photo, shared by Facebook user Choo Sing Ng saw a hundred reactions and 58 shares from irate netizens. The post, shared on Facebook page ‘All Singapore Stuff’ was captioned, ‘If we’re a first world country, why can’t our elderly enjoy life after retirement?’

Mr Choo also said that he saw the old lady on his way to work, early in the morning, and she was “Already busy working at the subway station”.

He then questioned, “Is this a so-called developed country? Is this a first-world country?”

The photo he shared led to many questions being raised about what Singaporeans have in store for themselves after they retire.

One Burmese woman shared her thoughts on Singapore. She said, “i went in Sg before. It is nice country but as i said above why it is pity life, everything is expensive and people can’t rest even old. have to work and Get money to spend everything by expensive amount. that’s why most people getting stingy , greedy and not rest.”