Lifestyle 'PhD' wedding invite by Nigerian couple amuses netizens

‘PhD’ wedding invite by Nigerian couple amuses netizens




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When you invite someone to your wedding, you want them to remember and share the joy of this special event.

So when you create wedding invites, you would want to consider making unique ones.

A Nigerian couple came up with a genius idea for wedding invites recently.

Nurudeen Onomhoale Ahmed and Hassanah Mustapha Muhammed made a ‘PhD’ invite with a research paper design, complete with figures, tables and bibliography.

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The invite was uploaded on Twitter by the groom’s brother who said that his sibling is a PhD holder and works as a geologist.

It had an ‘abstract’ defining the nikah, or Islamic wedding ceremony, followed by ‘introduction’ with verses from the Quran and lyrics from Aladdin’s A Whole New World.
A detailed map of the wedding location held in Auchi in Nigeria’s Edo State along with some fun facts about the city plucked from Wikipedia are given to the guests.

The invite ends with a “conclusion” bearing a sweet message from the couple to their guests.

“With new dreams (and) new hopes to achieve new horizons and trusting someone without (a) magic carpet ride.

“We are stepping into a new beginning of married life. Thank you for your encouragement, friendship, support, love, and doa (prayer),” read the invite.

Some netizens amused by the invite while others groaned at its wordy nature.

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