Singapore News Petition to remove Pasir Ris cat ‘Ginger’ from death row

Petition to remove Pasir Ris cat ‘Ginger’ from death row




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The people of Pasir Ris have come together with efforts to save ‘Ginger’, a community cat from being put down by the Town Council because of an alleged isolated complaint claiming that Ginger had scratched a car just by sitting on the roof of the vehicle.

To date, the petition has received 2869 signatures, but ‘Ginger’s Team’, as they call themselves, hopes to receive 5000 signatures.

They add that, “For years, this tame and friendly cat has a habit of resting on car roofs belonging to the occupants in this community, but no such complaint had surface until now. By far there has been no damaged done to any of our vehicles.”

In the petition, the team also added that Ginger ‘is quite the community star who loved to be stroked by those who knew him and strangers alike, especially before or after a long commute, after a hard’s day at work, on the way home”.

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In order to stop HDB’s Town Council at Pasir Ris from removing the cat and putting it down, many have come together to plead and petition. They also request for thorough investigation to take place with concrete evidence of the alleged crime.

Along with the petition, many pertinent questions were raised, such as
“What kind of society do we live in if we value things more than we value life?
Why didn’t the town council investigate this matter before warning us to remove a cat who has been living in the community for more than a decade? Why take the easy way out instead of providing a solution that doesn’t involve a “removal of an animal’s life”
How can a 3.5kg cat, so-called “scratch” a car?”

They also said, “The community’s biggest fear is for the town council to remove and exhume our gentle community cat. Kindly help us shed light on this matter, share this petition so we can save him from death row”.

You can sign the petition here.


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