Petition to honour SMRT for Highest Number of Train Delays in Guinness World Records goes viral


An online petition that is pushing for SMRT to be entered into the Guinness World Records for the record of highest number of delays and disruptions for a developed Asian country has gone viral. The petition, which was posted on Thursday, 29 June, has already crossed its initial goal of accumulating 1000 signatures within three days and is still going strong.

The original pitch for the petition which comes hot on the heels of three major transit breakdowns in the past week, recalls Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s promises to fix the problem of massive train breakdowns six years ago in 2011:

“Train disruptions and delays have continued unabated and at increasing frequency since 2011, despite the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong apologising and promising to fix the problem during a rally then.
“We are only passed the first half of 2017 and already, we have lost count on the number of disruptions which have been happening everyday without fail.
“As such, we are petitioning for SMRT to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records for the highest no. of delays and disruptions for a developed Asian country.
“Please support this Petition. Together let’s keep our world moving!”

The organisers of the petition have now called for the signatures to keep pouring in so they can hit 5000 signatories and send a message to the government to take angry commuters seriously.

“We have crossed the 1,000 mark in a short space of 2 days showing that clearly SMRT’s frequent breakdowns and delays affect many S’poreans who are angry in the face of inaction and lack of accountability on the part of the millionaire PAP minister Khaw Boon Wan and millionaire CEO Desmond Kuek and Lee Ling Wee.
“We will start to compile all the breakdowns from 2016 to 2017 and send it to Guinness Book of Records. Meanwhile, keep the signatures coming in! If we hit 5,000, that’s when the authorities will sit up and start taking you, the silent suffering commuters, seriously.”


  1. No doubt about it. Goverment encourages us to take public transport as an alternative to cars because of congestion on the road. But does passengers has any alternative given the frequent breakdowns of SMRT?

  2. All this shit today goes back to the time ..the Ugly women CEO whom forget abt train n tracks maintenance but emphasis on retail space rental n thats was t time our PAP team praise her for making SMRT rich but when things happen till one can repair this deep wound cause by her.

  3. Why are we paying so high salary for such a good for nothing minister before he take over he was very boastful that he can solve the transport problem but since he the ( COW )took over there is more breakdown than Mr Lui time talk is cheap and talk so much but do not have the guts to perform Harakiri .We can get our Famous ” Phua Choo Kang ” to take over his post as Ministry of Transport maybe he can do a better job at least we do not have to pay PCK so high salary.

  4. How about the government signing an MOU with Japan to engage a special team of experts including their CEO from JR for a year to sort this sorry saga for SMRT ? Our cmi local talents should have their pay cut to subsidize and learn from the real rail experts. Enough talk already!

  5. These folks that sit in the transport ministry and run the train service are shameless. I describe them as peeing in their pants in public, and not blinking an eye lid at how others look at them, nor feel any sense of shame for wetting themselves. Their behaviours are despicable and disgraceful. You don’t deserve your highly overpaid salaries.

  6. Take a look at Beijing, for every two minutes interval, there will be one train during peak hours. They very rarely has these problems. Paying high construction cost for intermittent disruption? Something is amiss.

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