Patient who cannot walk properly is harrassed in another seat chope-ing incident

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Facebook user Angeletta Lagman warned fellow netizens on the site, this week, against a man and his companions who allegedly harassed Angeletta’s mother, her mother’s patient who couldn’t walk properly and the patient’s sister in yet another seat chope-ing incident gone south.

Angeletta’s mother had apparently taken her patient and the patient’s sister for lunch at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre at Jalan Bukit Merah when they found a table, littered with “messy looking” tissues. Assuming the trash was from the previous occupants of the table, Angeletta’s mother took over the seat.

20-30 minutes later, a man and his companions allegedly came to the table and claimed that Angeletta’s mother was occupying the table that they had ‘choped’ with their tissue. Angeletta says that they argued with her mother and tried to chase her group away.

The man and his friends were allegedly relentless, even when Angeletta’s mother said that her patient cannot walk properly. Angeletta wrote that the man and his companions continued to stare at her mother threateningly even after her mother gave up the seat.


Hi everyone please SHARE!Please be careful of this young man and ladies. My mum was working and brought her patient to…

Posted by Angeletta Lagman on Friday, 9 June 2017


  1. What is happening here ? Forever chopping seats. I think it is good to have a team to kick these people up. And I think it is time to throw all these tissues away.

  2. Even after the infamous Toa Payoh saga, people are still being ungracious n arrogant. Not till each of such person is CSIed that hard lessons will be learnt.

  3. Unless u are alone but in a f. group wth??? Why can’t these working adults sacrifice one of them to chope these seats while waiting the rest to buy food??? Ppl are just getting more and more selfish imo! This is the society that those greed had created sad!

    • The mother did throw away the tissues.. but the guy kept on pestering and looking at them despite them changing tables.. what an attitude! Big fatso who needs to eat and can’t have some decency in respecting others..

  4. I just shared the other day that I will pocket or throw those tissue papers… If they come back, so what… I said before and will say again, I abhor these kind of trash…!
    Learn to behave like a civilized human beings or will meet someone who don’t care you two fucks!!!

  5. Nowadays It’s very difficult to have a relaxed lunchtime in the hawker centre. Stress taking mrt stress going lunch stress everywhere!!!

    • Agree and its getting worst. Its time we have to learn to handle all these stress for better metal health? Times are changing and so do we have to manage health?

  6. Singapore must be the lone perpetrator globally of tis rude and ignorant habit of reserving seats in a public food centre. Ugly folks tat indulge in these sort of behaviours.

  7. Just like ppl in Hong Kong, they are fighting for space n hv no more patience for one another. Sinky land future is bleak. Plan for an exit.

  8. I witness one incident last Thursday at Paya Lebar BK. It was around 6 plus and a couple chop a table behind mine with tissue and went to order. The couple left to order food (thats what they claimed and only smart person one will physically seat)

    A while later a group of 6 muslim family seat there and there were 4 kids among them. A man came up to them and said these seat is taken, we put tissue here. The family said we did not see anything. He called his partner and she said I put tissue here (as though she buy that outlet) and the family deny. The family said perhaps the cleaners move it away. That misery couple can even asked the BK attendance if they have removed the tissue and the family still deny it. Finally what the woman asked them makes me puke before eating. ” look I don’t mind u take the table but give me back my tissue” my goodness. The family maintain that they did not see anything. After the couple walk out of the outlet they pointed the lady middle finger to the kids.

    Where are their brains kept? Why don’t one of them physically sit there and one of them order. Isn’t that more appropriate? All outlets should strictly put up notice no chopping with tissue. Or fine those who chop with it. Use the brains, at least one person seat that’s different from the worthless tissue.

  9. We’ve heard and seen everybody talking these unpleasantries.
    It’s time, our government should do something about to these ingrate going around displaying unmindful behaviors. It’s absolutely uncouth.

    • Its not only about “chopeing” seats. Social etiquette and grace are fast becoming extinct here. The relevant Government department should look into campaigns thats we sued to have.

  10. Aiyah ah don’t blame blame cause not enough space …also but two person don’t take up the whole table …is there standing room for eating… Ooh oh Ta Pau back to office …only 45min time

  11. The world has changed. People becoming self centred even public transport….you see….what’s with these type of selfish people yet some of them still living in a stupid HDB flat?

  12. Yesterday my Daughter n I was waiting for sit for 8 persons at Jem a Long join table for 25 mins. Suddenly a pregnant Indian woman walk in front of me standing close to the table next to the person sitting still drinking coffee. I was shock n ask her, excuse me I’ve been waiting here for almost 25 mins as u can see I have 4 children’s here n total is 8 person waiting for this table almost 25 mins. How can u just walk over want to snatch the table n sits as u like? Are u a Singaporean? Do u know what is waiting n Q up? Doesn’t mean u are pregnant u can do what ever u like? More over u don’t come with a respectful manner but just walk over ppl n stand near the table n the person is still drinking. Next table is having 3 sits available for her n her Husband just bcos she don’t want to sit n share a smaller table. She says she want our table n I tell her No I have many children’s here waiting. She feel shame n walk away to next table. What a ill manner person n pregnant some more behave like that. Next time her baby will learn to be like her a big bully, no respect n bad behaviour. At least we don’t have that bad habit to put tissue to chopped sit. We always stand waiting n Q up.

  13. Unless someone sitting beside the empty seat telling me the seat has been reserved by their friends or colleagues i will not hessitate to sit down & take the FREE tissue.

  14. Customers got the right to throw away what ever lay on the table,there is no law to said that you can chop here and there.Who ever have their food on hand,can throw away the tissue and seat down to eat their food.

  15. Shame these sit chopped people!! Shame all of them !! Some is a Mother , a Daughter ,a Son or a Father, a manager or a director shame all of them make public of their bad behaviour!

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