Passenger on KL flight from Ho Chi Minh catches robber on board

A passenger on flight MH0751 from Ho Chi Minh City flying back to KL on 15/8/18, was surprised to find out that his laptop bag kept in the overhead cabin in the aircraft was stolen.

In a Facebook post (see below), Mr Faiz Mokhtar wrote that one of his partners noticed a fellow passenger taking my bag,. The passenger brought the bag to his seat on the 4th row.

“My partner alerted me to check on my bag and true enough it was gone. I went to the man’s seat and caught him off guard going through my bag and his left hand holding some of my foreign notes currency (EURO and USD, which I am 100% sure are mine), looking like he was about to keep them in his pocket.

“I confronted him with the rest of my partners surrounding us. I did a thorough checking of my bag, worried that he may have implanted any illegal items, in an attempt to use me as his transporter (read: drug mule syndicate).”

The worst part is the crew then only informed him of a syndicate that has been conducting this modus operandi on China, Hong Kong and Vietnam flights.

“That guy was from Hong Kong and he is flying to KL with no return ticket, probably his route depends on his “loot”.”

This syndicate is quite bold because once in-flight, there is no cctv footage as proof, and the conflict of which laws of the land will be applied as they’re considered to be in international zone.

“Luckily, all paperwork matters can be done in-flight and Alhamdulillah we took off safely after an hour delay. The crew managed to calm the other passengers well despite suspecting some of the other syndicate team-members are still there hiding in between them,” wrote Mr Faiz.