Parliament as a forum to address Oxley-squabble questioned


The Prime Minister took to Facebook yesterday to apologise to Singaporeans over the Oxley-squabble. He acknowledged that the dispute has affected Singapore’s reputation and Singaporeans’ confidence in the Government.

He said that Mr Lee Kuan Yew left the property at 38 Oxley Road to him as part of his equal share of his estate, but his siblings were not happy about this. He added that he failed in his attempts to deal with their unhappiness privately.

Siblings were unhappy that Lee Kuan Yew left Oxley house to eldest son, PM Lee

Mr Lee Hsien Yang has responded to his older brother’s video address to the country and said that his sister and him never had any objections to PM Lee receiving an equal share of the estate. What they objected to was PM Lee’s “flip-flopping about Lee Kuan Yew’s demolition wish.”

He reminded PM Lee that the simple question of if Lee Kuan Yew was unwavering in his demolition wish, has not been addressed by the Prime Minister in his replies on the matter.

Lee Hsien Loong now claims, “My father left the property at 38 Oxley Road to me, as part of my equal share of his…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Monday, 19 June 2017

Mr Tan Jee Say in the meantime has suggested that Parliament may not be the right forum to address the accusations levelled at the Prime Minister.

In a WhatsApp message he said that only Dr Lee Wei Ling, Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Mrs Lee Suet Fern can effectively reply to the Prime Minister because only they have all the facts and the documentary evidence on the matter.

He pointed out that being non-Parliamentarians, they cannot reply to the Prime Minister and the others, and that this would be grossly unfair to them.

Mr Tan said that the law also allows a Parliamentarian to be protected from whatever he said in Parliament from defamation lawsuits. This meant that a Parliamentarian can call anyone a liar and not be sued for it.

He believes that it is better to have an independent public inquiry that is televised live.

Mr Tan is the former principal private secretary of Singapore’s ex-Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong. He was also a candidate for the 2011 Presidential Election and contested the 2011 and 2015 General Elections.


  1. In the video, LHL say he is able to duels with his problem n run the country, I seriously suggest he take a few month unpaid leave n solve his family problem before coming back as a PM, let face it, even without his family problem, he has already lost billion in investment, MRT bearkdown nearly everyday, ppl r out of job, thing r getting more expensive, sour relationships with china n the list go on, if u can run a country like that without family problem, I can’t imagine u run it with your family problem, I also don’t believe in your apology, cause if u r really sorry, u would have taken unpaid leave to solve your family problem, this is called responsibility, rather than still sitting there taking pay n try to solve your family problem with your POWER.

    • Lee is an idiot, the world’s energy cost has come down tremendously but yet the whole nation are taxed further with heavier water and elec tariff, plus SCCC charges also went up , f him lousy pm f him

    • What problems? Fighting among siblings for the property? To shame Singapore as a leader as role model not able to live United and cohesive starting from siblings?

    • he is unfit to run the country, he must step down. He had divide the country and worsen our lives, instead of betterment. More 3rd world countries are in better form than us now. This is the worst PM we ever had.

    • Jesline Tay , if you have a boss that brings his personal problems to work, cant manage a Team and his company, makes mistakes, and lies at his job – will you still be happily working with him? what do you think? use some logical brains cells please!

  2. Bringing this saga up in parliament is another ownself ask ownself scenario. Who among his pap mps would jeopardize their own interests by asking inconvenient questions? Even if lhl claimed that he has lifted the parliamentary whip, it is still too much to lose and nothing to gain for all the pap mps. I hope the WP MPs will do their part and not let him get away with the issue on nepotism, conflict of interests and abuse of power!

    • Yes you are right and most of our country man.More or less we all know what is going on. Simple as that just demolish the house. Why waste so much time talking here n there.

  3. LHL is taking family dispute to Parliament he cannot settle family affair privately and politics is politics better to fight it out in GEs.

  4. How about having the Q&A at Sportshub stadium! Everyone who have doubts can participate and live broadcast it just likes our NDP! If they manage to settle and close the case, there will be 10 mins firework display! If can’t settle, then get ready to settle it in court liao!

  5. Singaporeans really nothing to do…Facebooking on this issue…they should be behaving like foreigners with a “straight brain” work and bring money home and heck care the world!!!! Singapore not going to declare state of emergency, right?

  6. If the PM really think there is nothing to hide, then please live stream the parliament session. Even better, invite your siblings to the session and answer their questions in front of everyone. If the PM can do both of the above, then the rest of Singapore will trust the government.

  7. It seems LHL family dispute is getting out of hand. There is a saying if you can’t even manage the a small family well on earth can he run the large country well…just my 1 cent thought.

  8. The Singapore Parliament is NOT the place to address this family dispute. zin any csse you have 81 to 6 Nembrrs of Parliament advantage so no prize for guessing what the resujt would be. even if you lift the whip, which gutless Propkes Action Party Minister or Member of Parliament would risk his arse by asking inconvenient questions. You have broadcast your side of the dispute through a government owned TV station …. now let your brother & sister do the same ….. let Singaporeans be the judge .mm

  9. still many of the 70% still believe nothing wrong in our Govt system despite all the clear indication and evidence revealed by his siblings..this is very troubling..

  10. If PM can suka suka use Parliament for his family disputes..already ABUSE OF POWERS no???!? Or next time we ordinary citizens can go Parliament settle our family disputes??

  11. Why can’t they go to Family Court and settle their problems like the rest of the regular Singaporeans? Hire some lawyers and present their case to the court and let a judge preside over it, like all normal court proceedings.

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