Parents of Sec 2 student of ACS sues school principal for confiscating mobile phone


The Chinese Daily reported that parents of a secondary 2 student of ACS (Barker Road), have sued the school for confiscating his handphone. The boy was using his iPhone 7 in class on March 20 when it was confiscated by the teacher. According to the school’s rules, anybody caught using handphones in class will have their devices confiscated for 3 months. The boy himself indicated that he was aware of the rule.

The teacher-in-charge confiscated his phone but returned him his SIM card. He was even issued an official form which told his family of the confiscation.

However, his parents were relentless as they sent letters demanding the school to return their son’s phone immediately. They threatened to take this to the court if nothing is done. When the school ignored the parents, they filed for an injunction seeking the court to compel the school to return the phone.


  1. Seriously? Since u pamper ur idiotic son so much, why not use the legal fee to buy your idiotic son a new iPhone 7? By the time the hearing starts, its more than 3 months later. Stupid parents.

  2. If got so much money to sue than take some time to attend a course on how to bring up a child. Parents make mistakes on bring up their child along the way but in this case Big mistake.

  3. Super high class parents. They belong to the elite class. They did the right thing. They should teach ACS a lesson by withdrawing their son from ACS and teaching him at home using private tutors.

  4. Rich ppl’s school.. wat do u expect? Sure to have lots of super entitled parents n students to contend with. I dun tink such matters were the 1st or the last to occur there..

  5. Dear parents who are suing ACS over his confiscated handphone,
    If you want your son to be playing with his handphone in class, why do you even bother to send him to school?
    Just let him stay at home and play all day long, instead of disgracing him in front of his schoolmates and then by disgracing yourselves by your stupid actions.
    Since you are obviously trying to show off how rich and powerful you are, what better way to do it than to have a useless, uneducated son who need do nothing to afford an extravagant lifestyle at the expense of his parents?

  6. The school has every right to expel the student since he and the family refuse to abide to the school rules. How can two men walk together unless they first agreed?

  7. I hope the father of the boy is a student of the school. That school teaches Character, and (if applicable Christian values). If your son is aware of the rule, and the school has notified you, and even return the SIM card to you, I believe the action taken is transparent and fair. If the school allows every student to use iPhone in class (or flaunt iPhone 7), what about those who have special gadgets that are not commonly owned by others. How is the school going to build the Character and imbue values in its pupils. I would have thought the parents would be apologetic about the matter. Instead they took court action against the school. It really makes me wonder if they are old boys / old girls (of sister school). It makes me sad as I would have never thought my classmates would do this to the school.

  8. The boy’s parents were definitely not old boy or girl, otherwise they would not be so ill-bred. All ACSians are so proud to be ‘The Best is Yet to Be” Sia sway all ACS Pioneers

  9. As many already know about the incident, many are taking different views at the matter. I would say the parents are not really doing the right things, but not exactly doing the wrong thing either. The parents here were just worried, and iphone 7s arent exactly the cheapest out there. That was out of concern. You cant jump to a conclusion that they are “flaunting” their money. But they too are in the wrong for blowing matters up. They should instead discipline the child. Gadgets can be bought, but virtues can only be taught. I seek that everyone else takes an open-ended view on the matter to reduce tension.

  10. School has school rules, road has road rules.
    I am sure the boy’s home has home rules. Or don’t tell us that he can do what he pleases?

  11. What rotten parents not to discipline their kid on school rules yet want to create more trouble ? Well they better get their child to transfer to another school….life will be stricter for him from now on…

  12. Will the papers publish the parent identity? Ohhh… can’t wait to know who are they so that I can steer clear of them in future…. if not I might get a lawsuit

  13. I remember in my time our parents respect teachers n school policy n teachers has the final say and result was most of growth up doing well not rich but well respected , can t said for the same for the Y generation . If we want our kids to do well in life , help the school n not tear them down….

  14. Suing for something so ridiculous , it’s amazing that a lawyer would even be prepared to take a case like this. Another example of how the rich and powerful destroy

  15. Now lets see how MOE handle tis case. To side rich kids or to side teacher in order to keep sg sch system in line. Watever it is i pity the teacher

  16. Would you like your phone to be confiscated if a surprise spot check at a public place found that, horrors of horrors, You had Forgotten to switch off your mobile phone? That’s the rule in ACS Barker secondary (not primary).

  17. Now tell me which human rights article says confiscation of mobile phone is a human rights? The school teacher can criticise the school boy for playing with his handshop but has absolutely no right to confiscate properties beonging to others and hold it for 3 months. This practice is unacceptable. The school is in the wrong and should apologise to the boy’s parent immediately.

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