Parent tries to complain to Singaporean Chinese principal that they don’t want “smelly” Indian tutor, only to be chased out with a broom


A tuition centre principal reportedly chased a parent away from the centre with a broom after they expressed that they did not want their primary-school going child to be tutored by an Indian tutor, on the basis of her race.

The matter was revealed on social media by Twitter user @abnorxmal or Sinsemilla who shared that the tutor in question is a colleague of her sister who works at the same centre, which is located in central Singapore. The netizen shared:

“My sister is a full-time tutor and recently a Singaporean Chinese student’s parent complained to the head of the tuition centre that she did not want her child being taught by an Indian.
“The parent was apparently referring to another tutor, a well-qualified Indian lady who taught her child Science and Math.
“According to the tutor, this cunt of a kid took out his/her body spray and started spraying it in the classroom complaining that it was “smelly because of the Indian”.
“My sister is good friends with this fellow Indian tutor and this may sound stupid but she can legitimately assure me that she does not have B.O or anything that would justify this cheebai of a kid’s reaction.”

The parent then approached the centre’s principal – a man in his 30s – only be chased out and told never to return:

“The parent brought this up to the head of the tuition centre, whom is also Chinese, thinking that he would understand and agree. Yknow like it’s some sort of we same same race so ni bang wo, wo bang ni type (“you help me, I help you”) of shit.
“The head of the tuition centre then proceeded to chase this racist Chinese mum and her kid out of the centre with a broom and telling them he never wants to see them step in his tuition centre ever again.”

The netizen ended her story, urging others to come together to combat “systemic racism” in Singapore:

Sinsemilla’s tweets on the matter have since gone viral, with over 8,000 retweets and nearly 4,500 likes so far. Several netizens who commented on the Twitter thread praised the principal for sticking up for his staff and noted that the story concluded with a “happy ending”.


  1. That mum got brain the size of a pea? Com’on, many chinese got BO also. If she think that teacher got BO then bring the issue up as hygiene issue, no need to attack on one’s race.
    When I was working in a chinese tuition centre, there were patches of new teachers from various part of China. There was one particular teacher who was from some cold weather province where people only shower once or twice a month. So this teacher did not shower and wore the same dress for 3 consecutive days. We noticed that and parents had given feedback too. We had a head teacher talk to this new teacher tactfully to explain the diff in SG weather and personal hygiene. Problem well handled and solved. No need for insults or violence over such issue.

  2. This website has highlighted news of racial slight and divide. I have never come across happy news of different racial groups coming together. If you want to highlight such news, try to recommend solutions on how to ameliorate the situation. Suggest ways to preserve the honor and integrity of the tutor. By not doing, you are simply pouring gunpowder onto fire.

    • Erm. It’s just this jerk of a student. Surely you wouldn’t want to hear your race generalised just cos a member of it acted like a hooligan, cannibal or assh*le, right? Kindly do not use one example to taint a whole ethnicity in case fb readers report you.

  3. Bloody idiots. If I were the parent I would simply be happy that my kid is being tutored by a good tutor rather than what color the tutor’s skin is…and since we are at it…I also have no problem if our PM is an Indian…as long as he does things for the good of Singapore…

  4. There are smelly and unworthy people in all Races. It’s observed the surfacing trend of major races belittling and victimising the minor race in Singapore. Looks like the is No Social Defence for the Indian minority here. The minor race has suffered enough. It’s high time the minister step in to comment and correct before citizen take matters into their own hands. I strongly that Civic lessons brought in to our school curriculum immediately. Society can be corrected asap if we act now with our students before Time takes in course.

  5. Singaporean Chinese is very general. Are they home grown Singaporean Chinese or converted Singaporean Chinese? No doubt home grown Singaporean Chinese may do the same, chances are much lesser since we grew up with our friends of other races and are very much accustomed to their way of living. Can’t say the same for converted Singaporean Chinese though.

  6. Shameless article. No name of tuition centre and no name of principal.
    The twitter user, as a third party, seems to know the story better than the claimant.
    Playing victim and unleashed her racism against Singapore Chinese in general.
    More irony theindependent sg actually allowed racist comments toward chinese for this article.

  7. Gang rape country have tarnished their image.

    Do you feel safe when you read the news. Intestinal parts came out from the school girl’s vinginal?

    This is the only country happen in our world..

    Better be safe than sorry.

    Ask around your local Indian friends. How many would want to return back to their home town in India?

    You would be surprised.

    #WhoTheSuckers ?

  8. Its all depend on individual who smell. Its not only the Indian. Others races too have their own smell! Singaporean should respect each other no matter which races we belong to. Singapore is a multi racial country from long long time we exist.

  9. Its all depend on individual who smell. Its not only the Indian. Others races too have their own smell! Singaporean should respect each other no matter which races we belong to. Singapore is a multi racial country from long long time we exist.