Featured News Parent draws flak after questioning child's constant 9 minute early release from...

Parent draws flak after questioning child’s constant 9 minute early release from pre-school

Several people felt that this was unfair as no thought had been spared for the hard work that the teachers have put in




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A parent who complained about their child being released five to 10 minutes earlier from school drew much flak from netizens.

In a social media post, the parent noted that their child was attending Adventist Schoolhouse, meaning that their child was between playgroup-going age, or Kindergarten 2. They wrote that their child’s school hours are from 11.30 to 14.30. However, in an app which allows parents to monitor their child’s check-in and check-out time at school, the parent added that their child’s check-out time “is always before 14.30. Can even be as early as 14.21”.

They added, “So, minus the time for the children to pack bags, queue up, walk down the stairs, maybe go toilet, etc the teaching actually stops at 1410 to 1415”.

The parent also wrote, “If everyday minus 10 to 15 mins, then in one week it will be around one hour, then every month will be around three to four hours, equivalent to one day of his lesson”.

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They asked, “I mean like in primary schools, secondary schools, or tuition centres, etc, u would not see that your chid is released earlier than the stipulated time, right?”

The parent’s sentiments drew many angry and irritated remarks from netizens, who expressed that a thought was not spared towards the hard work that the teachers put in. Others also added that the parent failed to take into account the hours of work that the teachers had to put in beforehand to prepare the classroom and to plan the lesson. They also explained that while this parent may consider packing up a waste of their child’s time, all of these activities were also character-building activities that their child was engaging in that should not be taken for granted.

Oi, relax lah, take a chill pill. Only kindergarten, what would you lose if they get ready to go home a few minutes earlier?<Reader contribution by Rav>

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Monday, October 21, 2019


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