Home News PAP's Murali Pillai calls online post a "scurrilous attack" on his family

PAP’s Murali Pillai calls online post a “scurrilous attack” on his family

SDP chief Chee Soon Juan, who is standing against him in Bukit Batok SMC, calls for a stop to such behaviour




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Singapore — The PAP’s Murali Pillai released a video on Facebook on Tuesday (June 30)  denouncing a post circulating on the Internet. He described the post as a “scurrilous attack” on his family in a move to defame him after Nomination Day.

In the video, Mr Murali said the post was directed at his son. He said: “My son was a victim of a scandal. He also committed offences. The court has dealt with all these matters. The perpetrators behind the scandal have been dealt with. He himself has been dealt with and is serving his sentence.”

He added that all families have problems and that he “is not the perfect father”. However, he believes that these personal issues “should not be brought into politics”.

Mr Murali said the incident has motivated him to “fight more” in the coming elections.

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The PAP is fielding him in Bukit Batok SMC against Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) chief Chee Soon Juan.

Dr Chee commented on his Facebook page: “I stand with Mr Murali on this and call on whoever who did this video to stop it and for others not to circulate it.”

“This is not what politics should be. Politics is about ideas on how we can make our nation better, not personal attacks like this. I may disagree with Mr Murali on his political views and we can have a healthy and professional debate on them. But our differences must not be allowed to degenerate into unseemly smears against the candidates and their families.”

SDP Chairman Paul Tambyah also supported Mr Murali and called for an investigation into the matter. He wrote: “Hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this disturbing video incident.”

Mr Murali received support online, with people encouraging him not to be fazed by the incident.

Screengrab from Facebook

Screengrab from Facebook


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