PAP releases video saying Lee Kuan Yew recognised that his house may be preserved, ahead of PM Lee’s Parliamentary address


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong commenting on the accusations of abuse of power levelled against him by his siblings not only denied them, but also said that he will specifically address them in Parliament on July 3.

In a video addressed to Singaporeans, PM Lee said that he would lift the party whip so that even the People’s Action Party (PAP) Members of Parliament (MPs) could examine the issues thoroughly and question PM Lee and his Cabinet vigorously.

Even as the PAP MPs are gearing up to question their secretary-general on July 3, the Party has released a video titled ‘What Mr Lee Kuan Yew actually said about 38 Oxley Road’.

The video said that Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s will has been selectively quoted by others, and that they had highlighted only the first part of the ‘demolition clause’. The video went on to say that in the second part of the clause, Mr Lee acknowledged that “Cabinet members were unanimous that 38 Oxley Road should not be demolished” as he wanted.

The video emphasised: “Me Lee clearly recognised that the house could be preserved.”

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Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, 22 June 2017

In a Parliamentary Statement on calls to honour Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 13 April 2015, PM Lee said that his father was adamant that 38 Oxley Road should be demolished after his passing.

“He wrote formally to the Cabinet at least twice to put his wishes on the record – once soon after my mother his wife had died, and the second time soon after he had stepped down from office in 2011. He said, talking about Oxley Road, that “it should not be kept as a kind of relic”. He said that he had seen too many other houses of famous people “kept frozen in time … as a monument with people tramping in and out”. They invariably “become shabby”, in his words. My mother also felt strongly about this. She was most distressed at the thought of people coming through her private spaces after she and my father had passed away, to see how they had lived.
Mr Lee stated his view on this matter in one of his books, Hard Truths. This caused a public reaction, as some people wanted the house preserved. So in December 2011, after he had retired from the Cabinet, and after he had written to us the second time, I held a special Cabinet meeting and invited Mr Lee to attend, in order to discuss 38 Oxley Road.
The ministers tried hard to change his mind. After the meeting, Mr Lee wrote to the Cabinet, and I quote from his letter:
“Cabinet members were unanimous that 38 Oxley Road should not be demolished as I wanted. I have reflected on this and decided that if 38 Oxley Road is to be preserved, it needs to have its foundations reinforced and the whole building refurbished. It must then be let out for people to live in. An empty building will soon decline and decay.” End of the quote and that was the letter.
Two years later (in December 2013) Mr Lee made his Will. He appointed my brother Mr Lee Hsien Yang and sister Dr Lee Wei Ling as his executors and trustees. Mr Lee wrote (in paragraph 7 of his Will), and I quote:
“I further declare that it is my wish, and the wish of my late wife, KWA GEOK CHOO, that our house at 38 Oxley Road, Singapore 238629 (“the House”) be demolished immediately after my death or, if my daughter, Wei Ling, would prefer to continue living in the original house, immediately after she moves out of the House. I would ask each of my children to ensure our wishes with respect to the demolition of the House be carried out. If our children are unable to demolish the House as a result of any changes in the law, rules or regulations binding them, it is my wish that the House never be opened to others except my children, their families and descendants. My view on this has been made public before and remains unchanged. My statement of wishes in this paragraph 7 may be publicly disclosed notwithstanding that the rest of my Will is private.”
Mr Lee’s position on 38 Oxley Road was unwavering over the years, and fully consistent with his lifelong values. We should respect his wishes, as well as those of Mrs Lee.”

The video and the PM’s statement of 2015 suggests that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was resigned to the fact that the Cabinet wanted the house preserved, and that he wanted to frustrate the wishes of the Cabinet to convert it into a museum.


  1. I don’t think it is a debate rather it is a public relationship exercise to air the wishes of the govt whom the 70% idiot voted for.

  2. That does not supercedes the Will. In fact, LKY knew they would want to preserved it and therefore the Will is to prevent them from preserving. Stupid rebuttal. It only strengthen their argument.

  3. He/r papa says this, he/r papa says that! You are a 60+ wo/man, time to stand up and be your own person, why are you still standing in your father shadow? Grow a pair of cojones and man up, if you can!

  4. It only further highlighted that the great man’s wish is to demolish. It clearly stated that IF… the keyword is IF…. what he really wanted was to demolish it… after the great things he did for the country, we cannot even honor his wish?

  5. He recognised, after his death, these ministers might go against his wishes. He may have foreseen wat will happened. I guessed he knew what kind of ministers the party has. He knew wat his son intends to do.

  6. This video done more damage to LHL integrity then actually helping him….. who ever come up wt the idea should be shot! Now I can safely say I don’t trust LHL and his government!

  7. Actually and factually our main concern is not your papa house to be demolished or not.
    Our main concern is we do not wish you to be our PM anymore..we vote for a No Confidence. Please resign immediately. You have turn us and our country to 3rd world, and your people are suffering yet you are earning millions and even fixing your critics. Please resign are an embrassement to our once great country.

  8. Pay all this morons minister so much money to spend so much time on this issue already show their calibre. As LKY quote, if is preserve, it will only open to his family, descendants only. So the question is,,, isn’t this supposed to be a private family issue!!! Why are all this useless minister involved?? Even this house is preserve, is not meant for public, so when is not meant for public, why waste taxpayer money??? Please,,, All of you ungrateful minister and his dishourable son, please fulfill Mr LKY last wish!! Singapore is already falling apart with your useless policy. Seriously you should just quit then to embarrass yourself further!

  9. Lhl you are shameless, still trying to weasel yr way out of a bad situation ? Lky has stated clearly the house is meant only for family members not public ? Pl dont waste time jus call for a Select committe or COI to answer the abuse of power or resigh ???

  10. The video has proven that the first para is LKY’s main wish is to demolish his house. The second para is “if…. then” what to do to the 38 Oxley house. The first para carry most weight.

  11. Nowhere in this recording did he agree otherwise than to demolish the house. In fact it is very clear that he wanted the house demolished. He never deviated from that position. But he realised that the son could and he cannot stop him from enacting laws or implement measures to prevent that paramount wish from being fulfilled.

  12. “抬轿不抬轿,烦恼阿娘里面不放尿“。国会千千万万问题没搞好,来烦恼这个私人家庭纠纷。

  13. Why do millionaire moron MPs waste precious time to debate on the last irrevocable will & testament of LKY? Don’t the PM & ministerial committee have better things to do, like improving the economy, making Singaporeans first again (like Trump), send foreign trash back to their home countries, etc…?
    Does this also mean that anyone who is unhappy or felt left~out can select a crony committee to contest the will?

  14. ABSOLUTE LIE! The house is to be preserved so that the party can ride on LKY legacy for the benefit of the members of the party. Please don’t ever believe what you hear from out local media.

  15. Why is he using tax payers’ money on personal issue? Has’nt he been paid more than he deserve n get 26 months bonus n still abused his working hours n all the MP highly paid hours on his personal issue…..taking alk Singaporeans for a ride?

  16. His siblings are right. This man , his wife n his cabinet cannot deliver anything. SIA is in red , Tiger running in loss , NOL gone , kepple is down , even Singapore Eye has failed. They can tell our young not to pursue degree n seek jobs earlier. I see retail mkt down , export n manufacturing down. MNC’s are downgrading ops here. SME’s struggling. Cost is killing yet he raising water bill , petrol n car park. This govt is choking Spore. If they can buy Chinese lift n sell expensive HDB flats to gullible Sinkies , want more ? Sinkies can still listen to their stories n wayang.

  17. Please read word by word carefully, LKY is unwavering on his wish to demolish 38 Oxley home all along and hope the govt can respect his wishes and will. It is very clear cut and stops arguing the fact on this anymore! You as the son and the PM who can actually accede to your parent wishes but you are flip floppings it … for what?

  18. “You could say I lost my faith in the people on T.V
    You could say I’d lost my belief in our politicians
    They all seem like game show hosts to me”.
    How nice if Sting could sing this song live in Parliament on 3rd July.

  19. How low can he get ? Using govt power play is a sign of defeat n desperation ,,, settle in Court . Not in parliament where yr yes yes highly paid men n women will give u standing ovation .. Man up n face siblings in Court

  20. Respect our founder father LKY last wishes please. Demolished the House immediately after his daughter wishes to move out. Simple instruction and these PAP ministers can’t put this in your head. SHAME TO ALL OF YOU who said NO the demolition as you do not respect HIS Will

  21. Basically the video show the Son will try to preserve it, against his wishes. This is why the last will, inserted the clause, and LWL is the executer. Very clear that this view is a high possibility.

  22. Why is LHL using parliament and his ministers to defend him and HC in a matter that is obviously private? It will not be an “attack on his government” if he didn’t use a ministerial committee to look into a private matter. Do his own quarrels with his siblings concern TCH and gang?

    If he really want to preserve LKY’s memory and make him into a legend, there are so many other ways besides the house. What is the real agenda?

  23. If you have in mind that the house should be preserved then why sell your 50% share to your Brother who is an ordinary citizen? It like selling a piece of “toilet paper” to your “real” Brother ! Least your government can do it …. is to acquire the land from him based on market value just like any acquisition the government have done so far ….for example Rochor flats !

  24. LKY acknowledge it might be preserved by the government by force but doesn’t mean he wants it preserved. It is obviously mischievous to suggest that he wanted it preserved. Acknowledging it doesn’t mean one is willing. So what is the ministerial committee trying to achieve? Testing our English?

  25. is time. Come clean. Your days are numbered. To many of us, is not only about the house. Is an accumulation of many doubts and deception. A useless son and an manipulating empress dowager

  26. Love what Sam Lohanve says:
    “I would like to stay as a virgin. However if I were to be raped and got pregnant, I wish to abort the baby.

    Does that I mean I have accepted another option to be raped?”

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