PAP MP vouches for Halimah’s ‘Malaynesss’


Member of Parliament from the People’s Action Party, Zainal Sapari, has vouched for the ‘Malayness’ of the Speaker of Parliament. This publication reported yesterday that Speaker of Parliament, Mdm Halimah Yacob’s Wikipedia page appears to have been edited recently, and that her page now does not show that she is a “Singaporean politician of Indian descent” as it previously did. The last edit on Mdm Halimah’s Wikipedia page was on 18 July 2017, and it has since been made a ‘protected page’ to guard against vandalism.

Did Halimah Yacob delete info about Indian descent from Wikipedia page?

Mr Zainal, a PAP MP has now vouched for the ‘Malayness’ of the Speaker of Parliament. Sharing an article which said that Mdm Halimah contested in 3 General Elections as a ‘Malay’ minority candidate in his Facebook, Mr Zainal said that to him, “beyond any reasonable doubt, she belongs to (the) Malay Community.”

In answering a question on what constitutes a Malay person, Mr Zainal said: “any person, whether of the Malay race or otherwise, who considers himself to be a member of the Malay community and who is generally accepted as a member of the Malay community by that community.”

Mdm Halimah recently confirmed that she is eyeing the Elected Presidency. Speaking after a community event in her Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Mdm Halimah said:

“I am thinking about it, of running for the presidency…The elected presidency is a very heavy responsibility and an important institution in Singapore, so it’s not something that one should take lightly… so it needs a bit of time to think. But I must say at this moment, I have a lot of duties I have to perform, as Speaker, as MP. These duties are also very dear and important to me.”

At the parliamentary debate on the Presidential Election (amendment) Bill in February, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chan Chun Sing, accidentally referred to Madam Halimah as “Madam President” instead of “Madam Speaker”. Netizens who responded to Mr Chan’s slip then, wondered if it was a freudian one.

In his address, Mr Chan further confirmed that no by-election will be called if a minority candidate in a GRC resigned to contest the Presidential Election.

Mr Chan explained that the GRC system, which requires each team to include at least one member of a minority race, has been in place since 1988, and that it has two purposes. First to ensure enough minority members in Parliament and secondly, to ensure no political campaign on issues of race and religion.

He noted that there are 25 minority MPs out of 89 – “more than what you’d expect proportionately from adding up the percentage of Malays, Indians and other minorities”.

“Even if we have one less, that is 24 out of 89, which is 27 per cent of Parliament,” Mr Chan said.

In April of this year, it was reported that a People’s Action Party (PAP) member who was abruptly asked to step down as Grassroots Adviser in Aljunied GRC just weeks before the 2015 General Election (GE) has been helping Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Member of Parliament Halimah Yacob at her Meet-the-People Session (MPS) for more than a year.

The former Adviser of Kaki Bukit division in Aljunied GRC, Kahar Hassan, was dropped from the PAP team which went on to contest in the GE amidst rumours that he was “hardworking” but perhaps did not build up rapport with his residents.


  1. I live next to a Malay familee the last 45 years and counting…..greet them in Malay, chat in Malay, celebrate their Raya, attend their Malay weddings and funeral, eat their Malay food etc…..I can be Malay also?

  2. Zainal Sapari has forgotten when our own Malay community member who has an indian parent wanted to ask for assistance, they were rejected by Mendaki wholelly for not being full Malay. So tell him dont BS just to support his goatfather party.

    • no offence bros, most of the so called Malays in the present are mixed with Indian , Pakistani and Arab. blood..To me as long as the President is one who has interest of the people welfare at heart, it doesnt matter from what race or ethncity he belongs..

    • Devaraj Sangarammal no worries, bos. BTW Interest of the people is no enough. I rather not have a powerless President. Where in the world when you have a President but the power comes from the PM? Only singahellpore.

    • Well said Devaraj! Personally feel that all this quibbling over ethnicity and religion is really trivial and not productive. What’s really pertinent is the incumbent’s relevant ability, experience and qualification to effectively perform the presidential duties. Singaporeans and I repeat “Singaporeans” must have unwavering confidence in this person to always act in the people’s best interest regardless of race, religion and of course, political association.

    • Devaraj Sangarammal Do you agree that people who are willing to betray her own race for the sake of millions are worthy of your consideration as a president? Yes or no?

    • This comment win! So darn true!

      Slap in da face by their own Mendaki.

      Interestingly i heard of a few cases Chinese and Indian welfare organizations assisting needy Malays who seek help….

  3. We has been sold , it is very sad day for all Singaporean be it opposition or present govt , our small red dot may one day like Christmas Island being sold , all because of $$$ n power, Singaporean be ready to go n work in our neighbouring country , as low salary worker soon.

    If a person can sell his or her own race , what then cannot be sold or accepted

  4. What kind of a person is willing to dishonour their ancestors, both of blood and of spirit for money?!

    I doubt the ancestors would want to meet her in the next life. Banned from paradise.

  5. “… and who is generally accepted as a member of the Malay community by that community.” How to justify this statement??? Need all Malays to vote whether he or she is accepted as a Malay???

  6. Certainly better than Korean drama with all the millionaire actors and actresses, twists and turns, plots and schemes also byo popcorn and coke……

  7. Oh, by that definition, we should all be Malay, Chinese, Indian and ‘Others’, after all, what’s a few genetic differences and skin tones within the community, right? *Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink*

    #IAmMalayToo #SayaJugaOrangMelayu

  8. I am curious to understand how my Singaporean Malay friends think of this Malay MP’s explanation? Do you agree or feel insulted?
    To me, it bloody lacks logic. Since Singapore is multi racial and Singaporeans lived with each other (especially with the HDB racial quota), everyone can be considered a Malay’s friend and some will be considered a Malay although they are Chinese or Indian. If that is the case, why is there a need to have a Malay president that cause Singaporeans to be divided? No trouble find trouble?
    If it is not no trouble find trouble, then there must be risk of big trouble somewhere. President’s two key responsibilities are civil service integrity and protecting reserves. It doesn’t seem that there are any trouble with the civil service integrity. Emm..I wonder why do we need urgent a Malay president is this coming Presidential elections that a fact of 24 Years have to be twisted.

  9. When you have the power, anything you say is correct. Gender also can change nowadays. Nothing new lah..You will told to check my NRIC status lor…that is official

  10. if a person can go to the extent of changing his/her race to run for EP, such a person have no more intergrity nor respect for the voters. For MP to even suggest as long as the Malay comunity accept her as Malay she is qualify. What if we accept Tharman as Chinese, will he be the next PM ? PAP, you play the race card and now you flipflop, cos the truth is Halimah is Indian by birth.

  11. regardless of race, language or religion…no more…if this bullshit ia not stop…sg will be in trouble….all these years of hardwork by the old guards will be gone…

  12. does it really matter if she’s updated her race to Malay? She can update it to anything for all I care. They will vouch for anything or anyone they want. It’s a sad sad situation. I just want to know how is she qualified to run. What mnc is she a director of that qualifies her to run for the post.

  13. Zainal Sapiri is full of shit. I’m an Eurasian who speaks, read and write malay fluently. My looks are 100% malay right down to the colour of my skin. I mix with malays since young. I love eating malay food. My malay friends accept ma as one of them. They call me abang because I’m older then most of them. I use to hang out at Jalan Sultan mosque. Does that make me malay. The answer is no. I will always be an Eurasian man till the day I die. So to Zainal Sapiri I say “jangan berbual konek lah!!”.

  14. These PAP cronies trying hard to justify their stupid actions. Better go sell roti prata lah..Damned those malay MPs having no backbone and not speaking from their heart but instead speaking through their pockets.

  15. I don’t accept Halimah as a Malay, because her father is Indian, by right children will follow father, if father is Indian, the childrens will be classified as Indians, so I classify Halimah as Indian Muslim.

  16. What is the point of electing a Malay president this term (proposed by the government and hardly supported by Singaporeans) when other races who are believers of Islam and claim to be Malays. Is religion the dominant factor in determining a race? How can Muslims who are South Asians, Arabs or even Chinese or Caucasians claim to be Malays.This is most insulting to our Malay compatriots and very, very ridiculous. Please stop the joke, ok?

  17. Father is Indian. She is Indian. Her children grandfather is Indian . By blood she is Indian. Even India knows she is Indian minister. So now a Malay MP says she is a Malay. We have so many orignal Malay MP that can be the President.
    Choose one of them.
    Real Malay President.

  18. “any person, whether of the Malay race or otherwise” wa, can twist n turn to change n vouch for any person regardless of race just to put this person thru the EP

  19. As mp Zainal Sapari is making greatest joke of our nation n of course a fool of himself.

    He is trying very hard to conflate race with ethnicity.

    Now TCB should convert himself to muslim. TCB speaks good Bahasa Malayu n well like by the muslim n Malay communities. Hence eligible for pe.

    At this rate of changing things to suit those holding political powers, our nation wd be moving fast to cliff’s edge.

  20. They should have just used their absolute power and revert back to appointed Presidency.
    Now this Reserved President elect will go down as the biggest joke in Singapore’s history.

  21. People why are we following the dictates of the ruling party? If there is a decision by the populace to abstain from the vote does it make the result a valid one?

  22. ALL ALONG PAP WANTED TO ACT AS GOD! STOP AT TWO! NO DRUG MORE THAN 20 GRAM! GET MARRIED YOUNGER! DON’T HAVE TO BE A BUG PLACE TO HAVE SEX! JUST PAID AND BARED WITH IT WHATEVER WE HAVE DECIDIDED IN PARLIAMENT! etc…… In the end if PAP determined your races. If they said that you are Malay you are Malay. There is no ones in Singapore dare to challenge it. Because the AG is the LHL pricate lawyer ( DOG).

  23. No matter what we say will ever change the minds of the ruling party. It is only she is a disgrace to her Indian community and lying to god that she is malay when she takes the oat. She has no shame representing the Malays lying in front of them that she is Malay…only karma will be on her..

  24. Our ruler is firm who he wants as his new President. Is that not how this EP is playing out by the day? To our ruler of the day, it’s so clear to all of us what you are doing and it’s sad you perceive us Singaporeans as your ‘orang bodoh’. What you perceive us also includes your 70% die hard supporters. I do not think there is anything to die for hereafter, especially with a ruler like you and your gang in place for any of your 70% supporters anymore.

  25. Just show us your birth certificate to confirm. This loose legal definition of a Malay is so absurd. Through the ages civilised human society has been adopting the system whereby the offspring takes after the race of the father. If Halimah’s father is indeed an Indian Muslim, then how can she be a Malay in the first place ?

  26. Going by Zainal’s definition, I believed Tan Cheng Bock can run as EP if he considered himself as a Malay, and considered as a Malay by the Malay community. Note that Muslim can be Chinese too, not exclusively for Malays.

  27. Like that Tan Cheng Bock can be a MALAY if someone can vouch for him and take part in President election. Anyway, covering her head with a tundong makes her more Arabic than a Malay. A true Malay should dress in sarong kebaya. This MP Zainal Sapari needs to have his own Malayness questioned.

  28. Since young I mixed with my Malays frens and even wear sarong and fly kite together. Am I consider as one Malay? If yes I would like to contest too. But I am a cina Singapura.

  29. The ass-talking justification is really taking off now. is it even right to use the word ‘race’? It was coined by a German fella to group the people of Austronesia region. After hundreds of years of mixing and living in this region.. well all of us are Malays by definition.. if anyone wants to argue further. Everyone is alsp a part of ‘the community’ by virtue of the geographic location… so everyone can also have a say and anyone can also run for the EP. No?

  30. So who of us is NOT Malay then? By virtue of being born smack in the middle of the MALAY Archipelago, having several Malay friends whom I respect and love, having a G level in the Malay language and because I think that Malay food is most sedap…. I could go on.
    Am I not a Malay too?

    • I am thinking of a case of a Singaporean whose ancestry is part Chinese, Indian, Malay or Eurasian but whose father is a Malay and a mother who is from one of the other races.

      This Singaporean looks Chinese or Indian but is not Malay in appearance at all but is accepted by the Malay community as one of them.

      According to the law, this person must carry the race of his/her father, making him or her a Malay.

      What gives? Wouldn’t this person qualify too?

      What about the case of a Chinese infant adopted by an Indian or Malay family?

      These 2 scenarios are happening now.

      The use of race in the functioning of society is not only archaic – it opens up a Pandora Box which is impossible to shut.

      The way Zainal Sapari and his ilk grope about to justify the untenable situation is so facepalm-worthy.

      I guess as other scenarios come to light (and they will, as the permutations increase in this complex world), new untenable justifications will be given just so that the rulers get their way!

  31. We have been living as a Racial Harmony country. Just let it stay that way. LKY built a legacy and people all over the envied us… Now, we are being laughed at… sigh! So, she telling us if a malay starts eating pork and drinking liquor, he is no longer a malay but of other ethnic races?

  32. Your roots is where you came from and what you are. If one do not take pride or to distort your roots, how cud one understand the value of respect for self and for others? And how cud one serve people without this moral value?

  33. DNA is not, then not. It is very scientific. Not superstitious, Believe real then real. Ask anyone, got ghost or not. If believe, then got. Don’t believe, then no ghost.

  34. Father for sale in Singapore !
    This year, our government want to become racist and they decided to have a Malay as President!
    As long as you can call a Malay man as “Papa” , give him and his community some donations, then the community can accept you as a Malay!
    Will Dr Tan Cheng Bock buy a Malay Papa, donate some money and the Malay community will recognize you as Malay
    So the next President Elections, if reserved for Caucasian, then Caucasian father can be on sale!
    The self-esteem of Singaporeans are lost in this 3rd world parliament
    No wonder my nephew renounce his poor father to the extent of paying a few to change his surname and Chinese name!
    My nephew is not an elite!
    Shocked to be informed that our elites renounce her daddy too!
    Today, I met an Indian and we have dinner together ! Just learn from her that that Malayalam Indian are usually very intelligent !
    Just wonder if Halimah Papa is Malayalam Indian?
    Although the word “Malayalam” has the front word “Malay” but they are not Malay
    Malayalam Indian came from South west Indian state of Kerala, along the Malabar coast and they are 100% Indian

  35. To select a President based on rotation of ethnic groups in our multi-racial country is not exactly a great decision!

    Qualification and ability to represent our country and meet World Leaders to discuss worldly matters is first priority.

    I agree with some netizens’ comments on MP Zainah Sapari’s definition of Mdm Halimah’s ‘Malayness’.

  36. What a load of rubbish from this PAP guy. Totally disregarding the essence and origin of his own race. One could perhaps twist and tweak regulations but doing that to his own race? Worst than rodents. At least a rat will always deemed itself as a rat.

  37. I’ve been singing our national anthem ” Majulah Singapura since I was in primary one till 40s of age now… can I consider myself a Malay?

  38. Guys Singapore was never built on race or religion. I am not a Singaporean. It was built on meritocracy and who is able to perform the job. I don’t think the President of Singapore should be chosen on race. On a similar vein I don’t see why Tharman who is probably one of the best candidates for PM should be discounted for race. If Singapore really needs a Malay President and can’t find one we can offer Najib Razak from Malaysia.

  39. so halima is not a malay but an indian. will the malays accept her as malay or indian?
    will they feel she represents them? or is she a pseudo malay? her father is an indian, mother is a malay. and she wears the arab tudung.
    who is she?

  40. the e puppet has now become a laughing stock of the world. at least ong tc was quite respected.
    then a fat nathan and a useless tt. and the office became a joke, if not despised.
    now, it has sunk to new lows. when an indian tries to pass herself off as malay. and turning the office into a bad joke. when so many question its dignity and legitimacy, will this ‘malay’ or indian e puppet commands respect or contempt? (no insults to malay or indian)
    sad but scandalous.

  41. They edited the Wikipedia, I wonder if they also changed her NRIC to say Malay instead of Indian! You just disown your race!! HOW PATHETIC !! You can even disown your race? How then will you speak up for the citizen?? I hope the void votes are more than the “elected” President’s vote. Tak Malu Ke????

  42. Presidential candidacy reserved for Malays only. Tan Cheng Bok who is born Chinese is out. But Halimah Yacob born Indian is in, because people vouch for her malayness?

  43. Can I ask a noob question? Was Maria hertogh Malay?????? After all she’s raised like a Malay, dressed like a Malay, nearly married a Malay, lived with d Malay community, and was accepted by d community. Was she Malay???????????

  44. No such thing as Malay. Malay us only a languarAll of them mix like rojak. Father boyanw mother chinese.mother Indian father jawa. Father Arab mother Indonesia

  45. Some people classified as stateless and live in Singapore all their lives, only given an ic after decades, it’s a singaporean through and through, can endorsed and vouch or not ?

  46. Why don’t you people think that she may be right. Her mother, bless her, knows best. Go ask her (mother). But it will be an injustice to ask about her (mother) affairs.

  47. Obviously, the govt’s chosen candidate has a very low personal integrity, deny her ancestry root for million $ job. How is she going to be accepted by all s’poreans to be the head of the state? The world will be laughing and mocking at s’pore and s’poreans until their teeth drop…

  48. If Halimah can be qualified to EP as far as SPAP said so then this SGarment is very dirty for the stain made will never be cleaned off in history.



    WHY PLEASE PAP ? WHY FALL INTO THEIR TRAP ? We should THROW our votes at the STRONGEST OPPONENT to give PAP APPOINTED candidate a LOW WINNING MARGIN to SCARE the SHIT OUT OF PAP just like what happen to TCB in last PE.

    PAP have to work harder to think of ways to OUTWIT Singaporeans every PE and after some time PAP will RUN OUT OF IDEAS and realise that no matter how they CHANGE the Constitution SINGAPOREANS WON’T BUY ! Singaporeans need to TEACH PAP hard lessons.




    Number of Electors: 148,142

    WP valid votes : 70,050 (50.96%)

    PAP valid votes : 67,424 (49.04%)

    Total valid votes : 137,474 (100%)

    Boycott & Spoil Votes NOT COUNTED : 10,668 (148,142 – 137,474)


    Total 100 voters, 10 boycott, 20 spoil votes. 30 votes are TAKEN OUT.

    Total now become 70 votes = 100%.

    ASSUME 30 voters are ANTI PAP candidate BUT GIVE UP THEIR VOTING RIGHT, 70 voters are PRO PAP candidate, the PE result will be 100% mandate for PAP NON MALAY PRESIDENT, a big jump from Dr Tony Tan 35.2% mandate in last PE. PAP will become more arrogant and go around boasting that ALL SINGAPOREANS (Racists) SUPPORT a PAP NON MALAY MALAY PRESIDENT.


  50. Why do the pap dogs even bother to vouch even when we all know that bloody bitch is not a Malay. Do they think we are that dumb to believe these stupid assholes or accept their excuses????

  51. What is the definition of Malay? Must be a Muslim? My apologies if I am ignorant about this. But the point I am trying to make is, where will this stop? It has gone from race to religion. This EP criteria is divisive and not serving the meaning of our pledge “regardless of race language or religion”. And it is now getting to dissecting the Malayness in a person ? Please give Singaporeans some dignity. Halimah, if I were you, i will quit.

  52. Regardless of Race, Language or Religion… which part of our pledge does the govt and politicians not understand? They are the ones playing the race card with this Presidential election and then spouting rubbish reasons to justify themselves. Every school is a good school; we were taught well by our teachers. The electorate understands the Pledge fully but not the government. Mr LKY and Mr S. Rajaratnam better come back and speak to the Government soon.

  53. Filipinos are ethnic Malays. I am Filipino, therefore I am Malay by virtue of the blood that flows through my veins. Would a Katong born someone like me be eligible for the Presidency?

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